Frasier issued now … grief over murder of father, sister and half brother eaten by sharks

Fans were thrilled earlier this week when the TV sitcom Frasier was confirmed to be making a comeback after 17 years.

The reboot of the US show will be shown on the Paramount + streaming service, with its main star, 66-year-old Kelsey Grammer, returning as a psychiatrist and radio host, Dr. Frasier Crane.

The actor, who played the same character in Cheers before the 1993 release of Frasier, will also serve as the show’s executive producer.

He said: “Having spent over 20 years of my creative life on the Paramount lot, both producing shows and acting in various shows, I would like to congratulate Paramount + on their entry into the world of streaming.

Frasier ended 17 years ago, but will restart with Kelsey Grammer once again at the helm

“I look forward to sharing the next chapter in Dr. Frasier Crane’s ongoing journey.”

It is not yet known which, if any, of his co-stars will be reuniting with him. But what happened to the cast once the cameras stopped shooting?

From overcoming the pain caused by one tragedy after another to the couple who are so close that they live side by side, this is what came next for the stars …

Frasier Crane – Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer played psychiatrist Frasier Crane
Kelsey Grammer played psychiatrist Frasier Crane

Before the release of Frasier, Kelsey had already endured a life full of unimaginable tragedies.

Her grandfather died of cancer at age 63 when Kelsey was 12, and two years later her father was shot and killed by a psychopath who lured him out of his home at night by setting his car on fire.

But the man, Arthur Niles, was later found not guilty of insanity and sent to a psychiatric facility.

In 1975, Kelsey’s sister, Karen, 18, was brutally raped, stabbed to death and thrown into a trailer park in Colorado.

It was Kelsey, then 20, who identified her body and said her death “almost destroyed it.”

Tragedy struck again just five years later when his half-brothers Stephen and Billy Grammer died diving off the coast of St. Thomas in June 1980.

Stephen suffered a stroke after surfacing too quickly, but no one knows what happened to Billy. Rescuers believe it was eaten by sharks.

And in 2001, Kelsey’s close friend and former Frasier producer David Angel was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Kelsey Grammer's sister Karen was brutally murdered when she was just 18 years old
Kelsey Grammer’s sister Karen was brutally murdered when she was just 18 years old

Angel was traveling with his wife, Lynn, on American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane to hit the World Trade Center.

When asked how she learned to deal with such enormous pain, Kelsey told iNews in 2017: [that pain] where it is: in the past. But it’s a pain you can always trip over again – it’s with you 24/7, especially in the event of a tragic death, and there have been a few of those.

“It’s just part of life. Maybe I learned a little earlier than most, but this is how it works. “

The star has been married four times and has seven children with three wives.

He is currently married to British air hostess Kayte Grammer, whom he met while still married to his ex-wife Camille Grammer of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame.

It was during his marriage to Camille that the actor suffered a sudden heart attack while paddle boarding in Hawaii in 2008.

Kelsey is currently married to his fourth wife Kayte.
Kelsey is currently married to his fourth wife Kayte.

While her reps announced that it was a mild heart attack, Kelsey later revealed that her heart had completely stopped and that she was only moments from death.

He later told Oprah Winfrey that his near-death experience “was a good event in my life” because it forced him to change his lifestyle and face the tragedies that had marked his life.

Professionally, he voiced Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons until 2017 and starred in blockbusters such as X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Transformers: The Age of Extinction.

Niles Crane – David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane
David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane

David Hyde Pierce played Frasier’s younger brother who was madly in love with his father’s housekeeper, Daphne.

Now 61, he continues to be a major star on screen and stage with roles in Spamalot and Curtains, for which he won a Tony Award, and as Frank Praddy on CBS’s The Good Wife.

He came out as gay in 2007, three years after the show ended, and married his love, writer, director, and producer Brian Hargrove in 2008.

Daphne Moon – Jane Leeves

Daphne Moon and Niles Crane finally got married
Daphne Moon and Niles Crane finally got married

Jane Leeves played dad Martin Crane’s Mancunian physical therapist and house keeper and eventually married Niles at the end of the series.

In real life, the 59-year-old has a daughter Isabella and a son Finn with her television executive husband, Marshall Coben.

And she’s still best friends with Peri Gilpin, who played Roz Doyle. Not only do they live next door to each other in Los Angeles, but Peri was also in the delivery room at Isabella’s birth and is her godmother.

Jane chose David Hyde Pierce and the late John Mahoney (Martin Crane) to be Finn’s godparents.

Jane's acting career has continued to flourish.
Jane’s acting career has continued to flourish

Since Frasier ended, Jane’s career has continued to flourish with roles in the comedy Hot in Cleveland from 2010 to 2015 and in the medical drama The Resident, where she plays orthopedic surgeon Kit Voss.

And last week, Jane insisted that she would not abandon the show in favor of a Frasier reboot.

“I have no idea, but I won’t let The Resident do that if it happens,” Leeves told Entertainment Weekly.

“There are many pieces that must be put together to make [the revival] occur.”

Roz Doyle by Peri Gilpin

Peri Gilpin played radio producer Roz
Peri Gilpin played radio producer Roz

Peri played Roz, the no-nonsense producer of Frasier’s radio show, and has since won a Gracie Award for her role in the ABC family drama Make It or Break it and starred in the television series Medium, Desperate Housewives, and Law and Order. . : Criminal attempt.

After years of failed IVF, she and her husband Christian Vincent welcomed twins through a surrogate in May 2004 after Kelsey and his ex-wife Camille did the same.

She was previously quoted as saying, “Everyone who goes through that fertility dance has to say, ‘Where’s the line?’

Peri still working in Hollywood
Peri still working in Hollywood

“There were times when I didn’t want to hear ‘No.’ again. It’s hard for you, it’s hard for your relationship … It’s so painful. You think, ‘Should I go through this again?’

“We were fortunate because our friends Kelsey and Camille knew a surrogate mother and had gone through the process and had a great experience and there was another couple in our lives … who had also done it and they were both very supportive and helpful think about those terms.

“I was raised to have an open mind and I could never imagine my future without children, and they are here and I am very grateful.”

She and her best friend Jane ran a production company together and had plans to release the American version of Vicar of Dibley with Kirstie Alley in the title role.

Martin Crane by John Mahoney

John Mahoney played Frasier and Niles' father, Martin
John Mahoney played Frasier and Niles’ father, Martin

John, born in Blackpool, died in 2018 at age 77 from complications caused by throat cancer.

The actor had just received the go-ahead four years after being first diagnosed, but friends said a ‘routine procedure’ led to the frail star’s death.

Martin’s on-screen dog Eddie, played by Jack Russell terrier Moose, also died in 2006.

John never married or had children for fear of having an unhappy marriage like his parents.

In 2002, he said: “I was never very mature in my relationships with women. First sign of conflict, I left. I did not want to discuss it, because I was afraid it would lead to an argument.”

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