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Frank Vogel does not know who will start for the Lakers because the team is deep

Rob Pelinka said that one of the objectives in building this current list was to create a versatile combination of players to give options to head coach Frank Vogel. Regardless of the type of alignment that Vogel wants to play, the Lakers have the kind of players he needs.

It seems that Pelinka and the head office have done their job pretty well so far, especially when it comes to the starting lineup, since Vogel is currently undecided about who his first five will be. During Anthony Davis' opening press conference, Vogel postponed that question until he has a better chance to talk to his assistant coaches and have a better idea of ​​his players.

"I have some ideas, but nothing has been decided yet, you know it's too early for that," Vogel said. "We are going to have many meetings with the staff, we will study many films and we will see how the boys play together in the training camp, and everything will develop on its own."

Part of the problem is that the Lakers have a lot of talent, and there are several groups that Vogel can imagine using in the first five. It's a fight for the head coach, but one he's happy to have.

When asked if the presence of so many good players makes these choices difficult, Vogel said: "I think it's difficult when you do not have enough good players, but when you have too many good players, that's called a good problem."

The first problem that Vogel will have to solve when it comes to his five starting players is whether or not to play Anthony Davis as a center. Davis can clearly play at the center, but prefers not to, and the presence of JaVale McGee and DeMarcus Cousins ​​on the list means that Davis probably will not have to. However, Davis is the best center the Lakers have on the team, whether they want to or not.

Another main question will be how the Lakers approach their position as point guard. There were rumors that LeBron James could start as a shipowner, although Vogel has denied them until now. If he does, that would limit the minutes for other guards like Alex Caruso, Quinn Cook and Rajon Rondo. Cook will probably work more as an escort on this Lakers team, and Caruso can also move positions, but Rondo will be sidelined by James by absorbing the minutes.

Regardless of what Vogel ends up deciding, he is right that there are several alignment theories that make sense for this particular collection of players. While one of Davis and James is on the court at all times, he can take his time to figure out the rest of the combinations as the season progresses.

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