ATLANTA (AP) – Coaches Frank Beamer and Mack Brown have been selected for the Football Hall of Fame University student, part of class of 13 that includes former players Ed Reed and Calvin Johnson.

Beamer made Virginia Tech football a national power, taking control of the program in 1987 and leading the Hokies to a BCS championship game in 1999. Their 280 victories take the sixth place full-board S history.

Brown won 244 games in a 30-year career as a head coach at four schools that offered 16 seasons and a national championship in Texas.

The rest of the class includes Rice's Trevor Cobb; Kerry Collins of Penn State; Dave Dickenson of Montana; Dana Howard of Illinois; Paul Palmer de Temple; Matt Stinchcomb of Georgia; Aaron Taylor of Nebraska; Matt Tjeerdsma, who coached Austin College and Northwest Missouri State; and Charles Woodson of Michigan, whose selection was announced on Sunday.


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