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Why Castaner is in the sights of homelessness associations

POLITICS – It never stops attracting the wrath of homelessness associations. After Secours Catholique, it is the Abbé Pierre Foundation that has strongly swayed Christophe Castaner this Sunday, December 31st. In a tweet, the Foundation called the minister and boss of LREM to show "a little dignity."

All goes back to a statement by the Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament on December 29 on BFMTV . He had then estimated that his government was doing things right in terms of emergency shelter, saying that at the time of its declaration, places of reception were still available in Ile-de-France. He also added that women and men living on the streets sometimes refuse the help that is offered to them.

It is this second part of his speech that made the secretary general of Secours Catholique leap. Bernard Thibaud denounced on Twitter "a propaganda" which denies the fight of the homeless. He also called on the minister to make a short walk to realize the real situation.

This Saturday, Christophe Castaner started the debate: he replied to Bernard Thibaud by opposing the remarks made in Liberation in 2014 by an official of the Abbé Pierre Foundation. "Of course, there are people who refuse places when the maraudes offer them.They say: 'Leave me alone, let me make my life!' We can not force them to live in conditions that we would not accept ourselves, it's a question of dignity, "said Christophe Robert, then deputy delegate to the Fondation Abbé-Pierre.

However, this defense of Christophe Castaner is not at all the taste of the Abbé Pierre Foundation. In a message she mentions "marginal cases" and especially she denounces "the unspeakable sheds of lack of hygiene and permanent violence."

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