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Why Brigitte Macron did not want to marry Emmanuel

On June 13, France 3 broadcasts the documentary "Brigitte Macron, a French novel" which traces the singular destiny of the First Lady. His story with Emmanuel Macron was not easy at first, so much so that Brigitte Macron did not want to get married

In 1994, Emmanuel Macron fell in love with his theater teacher, Brigitte Macron. He is 15 years old, 40. How to badume this age difference? Their love is under the wrath of some people around them. In the documentary Brigitte Macron, a French novel broadcast on May 23rd on the RTBF and on June 13th on France 3, we learn that Brigitte Macron had to fight to get her couple accepted. Closer publishes exclusive testimonies of his relatives.

"It took a lot of courage to Brigitte to continue with Emmanuel, to face his family " tells his friend Pascale Bourdrel . In the Amiens bourgeoisie, the twenty-four years that separate the two lovers jostle the conventions and make talk, including within the family of Brigitte Trogneux. "There were meals where she was invited, but not Emmanuel" explains Pascale Bourdrel. For ten years, Brigitte Trogneux went back and forth between Paris, where Emmanuel Macron works, and Amiens, where she continues to teach.

It took time for the French teacher to accept the idea of ​​marriage: "Initially, she did not want to get married" says her friend Catherine Debry. "One day, Brigitte tells me: " Emmanuel wants to get married, "says Pascale Bourdrel She was a bit reluctant I told her that I did not see why and she said to me: "you do not realize, his age, my age. Maybe he wants children … " I told him: " And then, Brigitte, you're happy with him anyway. Take the happiness' "" Brigitte Macron follows this advice and her heart. The couple gets married in October 2007 at the town hall of Le Touquet.

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