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What are these six figures that embody movement?

You necessarily know their faces. For weeks, they have followed in the media to express their anger, their general insufficiency against the increase of the tax on fuel. These large mouths embody, sometimes awkwardly, the movement of "yellow vests", with their contradictions as their excesses. Portraits of six "yellow vests" that have not given up on being heard against Emmanuel Macron.

Jacline Mouraud, the icon that starts to annoy.

His video filmed on the rise of fuel has been seen more than six million times on Facebook. Jacline Mouraud became in a few days the favorite of the "yellow vests" thanks to a general presence in the media and social networks. In Hanouna, where she has her napkin ring, as in the BFMTV microphone that loves her frankness, this hypnotherapist, accordionist musette in her free time, drags the government and the elites "disconnected from the people".

What does she say? Jacline Mouraud, who barely evokes the issue of fuel in her interventions, now demands the dissolution of the National Assembly. Only that! Her overexposure to the media and her vagueness began to bother some "yellow vests" who no longer want her to be her spokesperson. The one who defines himself as "the spokesman of France who suffers" receives today as many threats as support in social networks.


Benjamin Cauchy, the "yellow vest" that comes from the right.

At 38, Benjamin Cauchy it is the figure of the media, if it is not emblematic, of "yellow vests" in Haute-Garonne. Although he is not necessarily recognized and accepted as a "spokesman" by many yellow vests, he is the privileged interlocutor of the local and national media. In fact, he has gone to Europe 1, BFMTV / RMC, France Bleu … and is often presented as the representative of "yellow vests" in Toulouse.

France 3 occitania The past of this commercial scenario was investigated, a rather atypical profile for the movement. And his favorite themes (under tax, purchasing power) resonate with his political experience, because he was elected UMP in Laon. But that is not all. France 3 Occitanie also discovered a proximity with the ultra right. A small group that denies knowing categorically while, according to police sources, was seen several times with several of its members. Perhaps as a result of these political differences, he has not been designated as the movement's official spokesperson. A slight that, he promises, will not silence him: he will launch a parallel group called "lemon" movement.

(Screenshot RMC)

Priscillia Ludosky, the initiator of the famous petition.

His petition, launched on May 29, "With a drop in fuel prices at the pump" reaches almost a million signatures. Priscillia Ludosky, 33, did not imagine that the movement of the "yellow vests" would take such magnitude. Overwhelmed by the success of her petition, this former employee of BNP, now converted into the online sale of cosmetics, regrets the government's lack of listening that "does not give legitimacy to the voice of the people". According to this resident of Savigny-le-Temple (Seine-et-Marne), the executive today opts for the strategy of decadence to discredit the movement. Violence on the Champs Elysees? It's the fault of power, swear "The security forces let go of the thugs and made me understand that the decisions came from above."

Priscillia Ludosky, who is part of this Monday the "delegation" of eight "official communicators" "yellow vests", now wants to hear his anger at the Elysee.

(Screenshot / Martinique 1º)

Franck Buhler, whose figure even the FN did not want anymore.

Suspended from the FN for racist comments, the current leader of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan's party "Standing France" in the Tarn-et-Garonne, Franck Buhler, 53, assumes his sulphurous past. Beyond his role as spokesperson, he is one of the influential members of the movement: in fact, he is at the origin of the Paris demonstration on November 24 and his video call to continue the movement quickly went viral. Facebook.

He maintains that he was never excluded from the FN. In fact, he left office just before the sanction fell. In fact, as reported by the articles of "France 3 Occitanie" and "Liberation", racist tweets refer to the "intellectual coefficient of Arabs" or describe Africans as a "black plague".


Laëtitia Dewalle, conspiracy and anti-media.

This spokesman of "yellow vests" in Val-d & # 39; Oise saw the birth of the movement on Facebook. The 37-year-old self-employed Laëtitia Dewalle has not been cheating since Saturday. It accuses the government and the media (which, however, give him the floor) have mediated too much violence on the Champs-Elysees. "When a government attacks its citizens, it's a dictatorship!", He dares to launch live an LCI journalist, forced to remind him that "name things well is also important."

His Facebook page, which transmits several links, illustrates a conspiracy and an anti-system vision that would not reject the fachosphere ("do not listen to the media", "they are the suburbs that are in Paris and are decimating everything!"). Laëtitia Dewalle is now requesting "a referendum on the legitimacy of Emmanuel Macron".

Captured & # 39; écran / BFMTV

Eric Drouet, the angry driver

This is another face of the sling. Eric Drouet, a 33-year-old truck driver, is behind the first protest call on November 17 and the Facebook event entitled "Act II: all France in Paris!", Which has driven several thousand. "yellow vests" to converge on the Champs Elysees on Saturday, November 24. With Priscillia Ludosky, he is one of the initiators of the movement and the wave of "yellow vests" on social networks.

Member of an association of automotive enthusiasts, Muster Crew in Sena and MarneEric Drouet expresses himself regularly at night on Facebook live. From his truck to motivate the troops. Aware of the limits of a broken movement, he has worked in recent days to structure the "yellow vests", which was just promoted on Monday as "official communicator" with seven other colleagues.

(Captured & # 39; écran / France3)

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