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"Trump uses the sport to divide us"

The world's most famous basketball player, LeBron James, attacked Donald Trump, who once criticized several American sportsmen.

US basketball star LeBron James on Tuesday accused President Donald Trump of using the sport to "divide" Americans according to their skin color, after the controversy over American football players who are kneeling on the ground during the national anthem

"It is because of sport that I have been around someone white." "I think our president is trying to divide," said the new Lakers player in an interview on CNN. "It's something I can not understand, because I know it's because of sport that I've been around somebody for the first time," said the 33-year-old native Akron, working-class city of Ohio, in the north of the country

Donald Trump has been criticizing for almost a year the mostly black American football players who kneel during the national anthem protesting police violence. In May, the Republican billionaire had even estimated that these players "should perhaps not be in the country."

James, fierce opponent of Trump. LeBron James, the most publicized player in the NBA, is a fierce opponent of President Trump. Asked what he would say if he sat down in front of him, James said, "I would never sit in front of him." "I will sit in front of Barack though," he added, referring to former Democratic President Obama, whose campaigns he supported in 2008 and 2012.

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