These foods would prevent colon cancer development

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Chinese scientists, who follow a series of tests, have found that the wear of slabs, gutters and ants can be threatened by a "# 39; reduce colon cancer development.

Food, beetle and chickens, according to Chinese scientists, are able to reduce the risk of reducing collar cancer. They published the results of their research in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in Asia-Pacific.

Scientists compared data analysis from 833 patients with this disease and 833 healthy people by dividing them into different types by gender, age and accommodation. Sometimes participants in this case were asked about what they eat and how often & they are.

So, the experts found that the ability to improve cell cancer was 79%; lower in adults who spent a lot of oils compared to those who did not have a garlic or nutritious food.

"The research findings indicate cure for colon cancer by changing life and deserve further research," said researcher Zhi Li.

Scientists concluded that barley, onion and crannog components may affect the development of this cancer and the risk of moving forward.

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