Friday , July 23 2021

The stinging response of Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel, attacked on their age difference

Together for more than two years, Vincent Cbadel and Tina Kunakey spin the perfect love, despite the criticisms they receive daily about their age difference.

They love each other and make fun of what people can think. For almost three years, Vincent Cbadel has been madly in love with his girlfriend Tina Kunakey, 30 years younger. Although their age difference is criticized by some, the two lovers continue to love themselves as the first day and do not hesitate to directly respond to their detractors on social networks. Monday, July 30, they have each posted on their Instagram account an adorable video to prove to Internet users that love has no age. On the comedian's, we see the couple, accomplice, share a drink, while on that of Tina Kunakey, the two lovebirds hug tenderly. Both publications are accompanied by the same legend, which aims to silence the many criticisms they receive daily: "The opportunistic pre-pubescent whore and cocaine addicted pedophile you … brew". A scathing answer with a touch of humor, which amused the Net surfers

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30 years apart

Between them, it's crazy love. Despite the 30 years that separate them. Highly criticized, Vincent Cbadel and Tina Kunakey formalized their relationship in August 2016. Since then, no question of hiding: the two stars are open to their love. On social networks, they multiply statements and appear regularly on the red carpet hand in hand. In 2016, Tina Kunakey had even told "Paris Match" his meeting with the actor of 51 years. An interview confidences in which she confided: "We met a little like everyone else. Two people who find themselves in the same place and at the same time, and who are attracted to each other. This is one of the beautiful surprises of life. "

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