The bill would cost 200 million euros

A press story burned during the act of 18 "yellow vests", 16 March, 2019. – Lionel Urman / SIPA

The destruction caused during the "yellow flag" displays is now 200 million, after taking account of the ones in Act 18 of the motion, the Wednesday said the Economy of Bruno Le Maire.

"If we look more closely at Saturday's exhibition, 16 March, the overall assessment of cost is 30 million Euros, resulting in total damage to 170 to 200 million euros," he said; He has nominated Bruno Le Maire prior to the Senate Economic and Financial Affairs Committees according to the minister, "there is also a direct and short term impact on French growth of the" yellow yellow movement ", which could" up to 0.2 " t reach a percentage point of GDP (total domestic product) for 2018 and 2019 ". », More than 4.5 billion euros.

“When you look at your business numbers through industry, you can see that there are real problems for whole sectors of our economy that represent a lot, behind the 0.1 to 0.2 growth. said fewer things, making such changes and so many difficulties for staff and business leaders, "said Bruno Le Maire.

73,500 part-time workers

Some 65,500 people working in 5,100 companies have been affected by unemployment because of the movement, which represents a cost of nearly 40 million euro for public funds, he said.

The minister has also provided figures about the loss of trade for trade since the start of the migration in November. “In terms of consumption and distribution, the drop in sales was 2.7% for food shortages for the following 16 weeks. He drank 6% on Saturday for food.

"Signed," 140 million Auchan revenue loss, 45 million for Mrs Darty, 50 million for a Casino, 30 to 40 million for U System, "he said. “For retail centers, the decline in the four months of events around 2.5 billion euros in turnover is the result of a decline in attendance."

-20 to -30% traffic on Saturday in the city's center shops

“In terms of clothing, regional shops, popular stores, 9 to 15% is the decline of positive trend from the start of the show compared to the previous year and the drop is even greater in shops. traffic with -20 to -30% Saturday traffic not involved in online sales or sales, ”said the Minister for Economy.

He also stated that on craft, the figures given by the Craft and Craft Rooms as a loss in the change of 20% to 50%, were 25% in service trades and up to 50% in areas city ​​".

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