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The audiences of Season 9 of Walking Dead fall apart again and again.

The mid-season final is the lowest ever recorded.

Even if there is a clear improvement in the content, The Walking Dead It is difficult to catch up with the fans who have gone on tour. The series continues to see how its audiences are unwound. The final 9 of mid-season is at its lowest historical level. Episode 8, aired on Sunday night in the US UU., Published a score of 2.0 among adults 18 to 49 years (the priority goal in the United States), for a total of 5.1 million viewers at night, reports Variety.

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By way of comparison, the end of mid-season 8 still had 7.9 million viewers (and 3.4 in the age group of 18 to 49 years) in 2017. This means a massive fall of 41% in the priority goal and 35% in Total audiences in a single year! So, even if the series has recovered a little compared to last week, the erosion of the audience is becoming clearer. The Walking Dead is closer to a little more, each episode, its historical score lower than the short, dating from the first season …

The ranking of the last seasons according to audience ratings:

Season 5: 14.8 million spectators (and 7.6 majors of 18-49 years)
Season 6: 14 million (7.0)
Season 4: 12.1 million (6.1)
Season 3: 10.5 million (5.4)
Season 7: 10.6 million (5.1).
Season 2: 6.6 million (3.5)
Season 8: 7.9 million (3.4)
Season 9: 5.1 million (2.0)
Season 1 of The Walking Dead It consisted of only six episodes and did not have a mid-season finale.

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