Rennes has already made a dream against Arsenal!

You can change your settings at any time. Continue Changing your settings Find out more BBC Accessibility Help Accessibility BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio Arts More More Search the BBC Search the BBC More News Sport Weather TV Radio. An extraordinary draw to Britain that will not leave the best names against Guns that are more based on suburban hitting than the red-black geo. But do not count on Julien Stéphan's band to be & # 39; playing luxurious clothes. On their cloud, Captain Benjamin André's partners dream of something new. Even more this time.

"Arsenal is still a big team with a lot of experience. It's very difficult again. But what we show against Betis is to prove that we are capable of being higher ourselves, get to the same level as we want. That's what we need to move on. We need to remember what we did on these two games. Although not we had a great opportunity to be appropriate, we realized that we were able to do it, especially where we did not expect, with a very high weight. Now, Arsenal is the other team, but the coach that makes the work "Clément Grenier said in a mixed zone.

Amazing calendar version but …

Ditto for Damien Da Silva is all happy to play European celebrations, that he has played with Caen for the last four years. "For me, Arsenal shows a big club, a very good team. It's a good player for me like a play. I'll bite the thing with a dentist, surely!" However, a little acceptance marked this attraction. Initially, the draw on the Guns was retained on a trip to Brittany for the second leg. But that was the UEFA government (which impedes two European Cup matches on the same day in the same town) that did not turn to its # 39; calendar (go to Rennes on 7 March, back in London on 14 March). What will you add to Grenier?

"It's a bit funny and unhappy even. The pull meant we played outside their first game (the trip). It's a rule that's not I've got a lot. It's special. It's changing its game because when we play at home the second game, we have some opportunities. But the example against Betis has been positive. Let's take it again ". Speech shared by Da Silva. "We were happy to return the game, but we will not hide it behind. We have already done (at Betis). The decision was made». Location in the field.

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