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Mind and freshness – Ligue 1

Despite a sluggish first period, the Guingampais have largely defeated Reims, Tuesday, in Saint-Quay-Portrieux, after the renewal of the team on the hour of play. An encouraging victory before a new test against Nîmes, Saturday.

The set was far from perfect but the result is there. Long mistreated by Rémois who took the ascendancy after a difficult start to the game, the Guingampais made the difference when the second team, including Kerbrat, Deaux, Roux and Benezet, entered the lawn at the start of the game. Because so far, the Bretons had suffered much in the impact and athletically, despite a post touched by Thuram following a good service Salibur (6 ').

Salibur, all on fire

A trend that increased after the opening of the Cafaro score of a floating strike poorly appreciated by Petric (0-1, 22 '). "At 1-0, our opponents had several situations to aggravate the score, recognized Antoine Kombouare. It would have been better to defend and hold the ball in front. But we folded without cracking. The Bretons even completely reversed the steam, in the second half, just after the almost total renewal of the team thanks to freshness, dynamism and a more efficient pressing. Very legged, Salibur (1-1, 73 'and 2-1, 80') offered a double before being imitated by Ngbakoto (3-1, 86 ', 4-1, 88').

Nîmes, with the same?

"The victory is good, always, congratulated the coach Guingampais. We had the mental and physical abilities to come back and score four goals. It's progressing. We work to be in competition mode. For me, there are no friendly matches. After, Reims dropped the foot in the second half. We managed to get the ball high enough, which hurt them. In any case, we go to fight all the time. Mentally, we are solid. Qualities that the Costarmoricans will try to demonstrate Saturday, in Ploufragan, facing Nîmes. With a substantially similar workforce, even if one or two reinforcements are still expected. "There are several records, just commented on Kanak about the possible arrival of the striker Caen Ronny Rodelin, the club woo. If it is done so much, if it is not the case, we have what it takes to start the season.
The factsheet

M. Lepaysant.
AIMS. Guingamp: Salibur (73 ', 80'), Ngbakoto (86 ', 88'); Reims: Cafaro (22 ').
Warning. Guingamp: Kerbrat (75 '); Reims: Disasi (58 ').
GUINGAMP: Petric – Traoré (Ikoko, 63 '), Koita (Eboa Eboa, 63'), Sorbon (Kerbrat, 63 '), Rebocho (Tabanou, 63') – Salibur (Ngbakoto, 80 ') , Didot (Phiri, 63 '), Blas (Deaux, 63'), Livolant (Coco, 63 ') – Ngbakoto (Benezet, 63'), Thuram (Thuram, 63 ').
REIMS: Lemaitre (Carrasso, 46 ​​') – Disasi, Fountain, Abdelhamid, Kamara – Romao (Chavalerin, 61') – Cafaro, Mbemba, Ndom, Finch – Kyei.

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