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Manchester United: Mourinho is the braggart, Scholes and Ferdinand can not take it anymore. – football

Winner of the Young Boys Bern (1-0) on Tuesday, Manchester United has validated their ticket to the knockout stages of the Champions League. Insufficient for Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand, who have not hesitated to criticize the level of play of the team of Jos Mourinho.

Manchester United: Mourinho is the braggart, Scholes and Ferdinand can not take it anymore.

Mourinho was hot after the victory against Bern.

For my lovers, I just want to say, for those who love statistics, that in 14 seasons in the Champions League, I spent the chickens 14 times. The only season in which I did not play the Champions League, I won the Europa League.

After Manchester United's convincing victory over Young Boys Bern (1-0) on Tuesday in the Champions League, Jos Mourinho did not miss the opportunity to be a braggart. The Portuguese, who violently balances a bottle of pumpkins on the ground after the goal of saving Marouane Fellaini at the last minute, however, has not escaped criticism of the club's legends.

P. Scholes – they were horrible

In particular those of Paul Scholes. Desperate Special Tractor One, the former Red Devil did not like the delivery of his heart club at all. They were horrible tonight (Tuesday, ed). The show was terrible, especially in the second period. In the face of a better team, they would have lost, without any doubt. They have a cloth, but the truth is that they have failed in all areas of the field. I'm so sorry for the Young Boys. They were very good in the second period and with a little more quality, they would have won this match. Said the former BT Sport midfielder.

Scholes went even further, believing that Mourinho had his day. The best teams in the world play offensive football. They play offensive football and their way of playing is totally obsolete. Why should he remind us of what he has won? We know what he has gained, but today is not enough. The British, who are tired of Mou's gocentrism, can not take it anymore. It's always the & # 39; I & # 39; In the latest news, football is a team sport. Said the 44-year-old man.

For Ferdinand, Mourinho does not respect the club's DNA.

A statement shared by his great friend Rio Ferdinand. I do not care what you did before! Launched the Londoner. Nobody here has said that what Chelsea or Real Madrid did was bad. It was very good But we are talking about here, now. What good is looking at what he did before? The important thing is to look ahead and see what you are doing right now. He added the former central defender.

Ferdinand believes, like Scholes, that Mourinho's game is not in line with the club's DNA. You just have to look at your team, what it produces. The team is not playing as it should. Manchester United should not play like this. Qualification is a good thing But you should not hide reality. They played poorly and beat a team well below the last minute. sighs the 40-year-old man. We are waiting impatiently for Mourinho's reply …

VIDEO: the cracking of Mourinho after Fellaini's goal

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