Sunday , September 19 2021

LIVE – Brazilian variant: fine of 1500 euros for travelers who do not respect the quarantine


The German head of state, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, took advantage of a national tribute to the 80,000 deaths from Covid on Sunday to urge the country to unity in the face of the growing divisions caused by the restrictions imposed by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Do not allow the pandemic, which forces us to social distancing between individuals, also divide our society!” He declared during a ceremony in Berlin in the presence of the country’s main leaders, including the Chancellor, and relatives of the victims. . “We are exhausted by the weight of the pandemic, exhausted by the controversies about the best strategy” to carry out, he added, while justifying the deprivation of liberty.

“I am aware that the restrictions, which are necessary in times of exception such as a pandemic, may have unintentionally caused suffering,” emphasized the German president, “but I also know that political leaders had to make difficult decisions to avoid an even greater crisis. “. catastrophe “.

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