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Lisieux: two doctors fight to block, they risk radiation

NEVER BEEN SEEN – Two doctors from the Lisieux polyclinic in Calvados spent the last weekend before the Disciplinary Chamber of the College of Physicians in Caen. In question, their fight in an operating theater, in full intervention in February 2017 …

A news item not trivial. A little more than a year after having come to blows in the heart of an operating theater of the Lisieux polyclinic while an intervention was in progress, two doctors – an urologist and an anesthesiologist – appeared last Saturday in front of the room. Discipline of the College of Physicians of Caen. While the decision was deliberated and the two protagonists should be fixed within a month, they both risk being struck off.

But what exactly happened in this lexovian block on February 25 2017 around 18 hours? As the Parisian tells, the anesthetist gets furious at the block while an operation is in progress. He has just learned that another intervention must take place a little later. However, it is customary that, except in an emergency, no operation is scheduled beyond 16 hours. The only anesthesiologist present in the establishment, he does not intend to stay to lull the next patient and deplores vehemently the attitude of the confrere – a urologist, then operating for several hours – who planned the intervention without the

Incompetent Connoisseur One of the protagonists of the fight

The insults fuse quickly, the anesthetist treating his colleague as "incompetent asshole". Then the situation degenerates completely, the urologist-surgeon reacting by sending a container of betadine to the face of the anesthetist then the latter grabbing scissors to do battle. He will finally be surrounded by a nurse who will eject him from the block. The explanation (muscular) will resume a little later between the two men in the locker room and then outside, the surgeon even using a briefcase to hit the anesthetist. This will result in a fracture of one eye and a one-month work stoppage for the anesthetist … In front of the disciplinary chamber, the two men returned responsibility for these extremely rare incidents.


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