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For chronic diseases, Inserm recommends physical activity with a prescription.

According to experts, millions of people with chronic diseases should be able to routinely benefit from appropriate physical activity programs based on recipes.

For the multitude of patients with chronic diseases (cancers, diabetes, AVCdepression osteoarthritis heart attack, etc.), the objective is to avoid, as the case may be, hospitalizations, recurrences, or even increase their survival or simply reduce by the frequency of symptom (asthma) pain (osteoarthritis lower extremities), in short to improve the quality of life.

"Activity physical must be prescribed systematically and as soon as possible in the course of care " Recommends, regarding the chronic diseases studied, A group of experts gathered by Inserm.. His work on "collective experience" with recommendations (in total, 805 pages), requested by the Ministry of Sports, was made public on February 14.

Experts also recommend that "Physical activity is prescribed, before any drug treatment, for mild to moderate depression, type 2 diabetes (the most common, ed), theobesity "and thearteritis legs

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We know that it is advisable to recommend a regular practice ofphysical activity Suitable for people with chronic diseases. But nevertheless, "Saying" & # 39; doing some physical activity & # 39; is not enough "says Béatrice Fervers, a cancer expert in Lyon. Specialists recommend developing partnerships with leisure organizations (sports federations, clubs, associations, etc.) to support patients.

In cardiology, "For post-infarction, only 30% of eligible patients are referred to rehabilitation centers (exercise training) to benefit from adapted programs., regrets Thibaut Guiraud. We lack space, structures, the prevention Secondary (once the disease appeared, Ed) is a luxury », said expert of the cardiovascular chapter. Hence the idea of ​​developing lighter structures, in addition to the centers.

Cardiac rehabilitation based onphysical activity According to the report, it induced a 30% decrease in cardiovascular mortality, 26% of total mortality and 31% in the risk of rehospitalization. "With the aging and lengthening of theLife expectancy, the number of people with one or more chronic diseases continues to grow, they point out. They refer to 20 million people and more would be at risk. A risk favored by harmful habits (junk food, sedentary lifestyle, smoking …).

For him breast cancerAccording to studies conducted in several hundred thousand patients, physical activity results in a reduction of around 40% in general mortality, 30-35% in specific mortality (related to tumorand from 25 to 30% of the risk of recurrence and the figures are almost equal for colon cancer, according to Dr. Fervers. "We have all the arguments today to pay" These personalized prescriptions of physical activity, says one of the experts, Grégory Ninot. "Decision makers to find the best solutions".

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