Cancer: Immunotherapy is delivering a permanent product in 25% of the amount; patients

Immunotherapy drugs, trying to respond to the body's anti-cancer response, and & # 39; causing anxiety of cancer control in recent years. But they are often very effective in a small number of patients, with major disorders from one type of cancer to another.

"We have measured the proportion of patients who respond in a sustainable way to handle and protect protection barriers and other families of drugs, "researchers at Institut Curie and other centers said. Cancer Cancer Research, in an article published in the magazine JCO Precision Oncology.

Immunotherapy Immunotherapy Control (no point of view) using antibodies that will be used; preventing control points of the immune system that the tumor uses to escape from protection to & # 39; body.

Researchers to "manage a stable response" approach to a & # 39; Free survival is more than three times the continuing medium survival of each patient.

The study of 19 international surveys carried out on 11,640 patients with different types of cancer showed 25% of diabetes; Patients treated with immunotherapy show this "stable response", compared to just 11% of those who received another family of remedies. (chemotherapy or cure is not targeted).

According to the studies inspected, indicating the degree of continuous response to immunotherapy between 12% and 39%, AFP Christophe Le Tourneau, an oncologist who is responsible for the early clinical examinations of Curie Institut.

Among patients treated with immunotherapy, 30% lived more than twice as long as average for all patients, compared with 23% for those treated by other drugs.

This work also emphasizes that the earlier immunotherapy has been given, more likely to have been a long response.

Curie Institute

This confirms "the interest of doctors to test immunotherapy at earlier stages of cancer," and " mentions the Curie Institute.

These results can be a reference to the "scientific community" to compare the effectiveness of the new theoretical strategies that are being evaluated, "said Professor Le Tourneau.

There are several clinical trials going on at Curie Institute only, and # 39; Testing various methods for immunotherapy.

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