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Broadband everywhere in Haute-Garonne – 11/07/2018

 Soon all surfers from Haute-Garonne will be connected to fiber optics./ DDM

Soon all surfers Upper Garonne will be connected to the fiber optics./ DDM

By 2022 the optical fiber is going to be deployed everywhere in Haute-Garonne. With this advance, all users will be able to surf the web with a very high speed.

It seems far time when he had to disconnect his old noisy modem to make his phone conversations. If the revolution of the fixed telephony took a century to perfect, the digital revolution goes fast, particularly in Haute-Garonne.

By 2022, within the framework of the very broadband plan established in France, all the homes the Haute-Garonne should be able to benefit from optical fiber, which is best in terms of connection currently. This project, supported by the departmental council, the regional council and the prefecture, will revolutionize the everyday life of the users.

For Georges Méric, president of the departmental council, the challenge is to answer the digital divide: "It is necessary to give an account of how much this deployment is expected by some people. Digital will have a positive impact on health, social action, home support, education, and many other vital sectors of society. "Internet users will also be able to enjoy their favorite activities without any problem. of debt. Fiber makes it possible to watch movies on demand, listen to high quality music, videoconferences or play online, in comfort.

Altitude Infrastructure won the public contract by agreeing to make significant efforts. The final note of the installation amounts to 31 million euros, co-financed by the Department, the Region and the State, a price well below market prices. A total of 280,000 catches will be connected between 2018 and 2022, the entire territory. According to Carole Delga, president of the regional council, this will boost the local economy: "We are facing a construction site that can be seen as the highways of the 21st century. The deployment of fiber will attract entrepreneurs throughout the Haute-Garonne. A speech that resonates with local elected officials: "For us it is very important, admits a deputy mayor of the village of Gratentour, near Toulouse. Before settling in our village, people ask if they can connect to the Internet and with what flow. Some need it to work from home, videoconferencing for example. This is the same story for the companies that could set up, with the fiber we can offer them an additional asset. "

For the moment Bouygues Telecom, Free and many more confidential operators have already officially declared that they wanted to seize these lines when they are built. The price for the consumer will be the same as elsewhere, around 40 € per month.

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