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Berder and Gold Blues – Fencing

The team of French sabers, including Finistere Cecilia Berder, won Friday against Russia, the gold medal on the last day of the World Championships in Wuxi (China). The tricolor delegation leaves China with four medals, including two coronations.

Manon Brunet, Cecilia Berder and Caroline Queroli finally hold their gold medal. Fighters, dynamic, the French sabrers dominated the Russians (45-35) in the team final, maintaining a ten-point gap from the second half of the final. The fourth Frenchwoman, Charlotte Lembach, did not play the final game, but contributed to France's success in the quarter and half. "It's been years since we tried to get this medal. We finally got it, and in a beautiful way, "said Manon Brunet. She and her teammates were facing a team whose members were all three on the podium, Tuesday, after the individual events. But they did not seem impressed, like Caroline Queroli, just 20 years old, who knew how to vary his attacks. If the Russians made a slight comeback in the last assault, Cécilia Berder folded the match against Sofya Velikaya under the encouragement of his colleagues.

The last word

"It was hard because when you put yourself on guard at 40, the sword is heavy, the mask is heavy and you want to tell opponents in front that it's our turn , that we deserve it and that we worked to win this match, "said La Bretonne, who ended up taking revenge. Earlier in the week, the N.2 World had indeed fallen in the quarterfinals of the individual event under the "blows" of … Velikaya. With this remarkable performance, the sabers have offered a title that was fleeing hexagonal fencing since 2007, when Anne-Lise Touya, Leonore Perrus, Carole Vergne and Cécile Argiolas had defeated Ukraine in the final in St. Petersburg. It was the fourth medal of these world championships pocketed by the tricolor delegation in China, and the second title, after the victory of the swordsman Yannick Borel. What give color to France, who had not seen such a good record since the three titles obtained in Kazan in 2014.
The results

Saber ladies.
Quarter-finals: France (Manon Brunet, Cecilia Berder and Caroline Queroli and Charlotte Lembach) beat China 45-42; semi-final: France defeat South Korea 45-42. Final: France beats Russia 45-35.
Foil gentlemen. Quarter-finals: Russia beats France (Enzo Lefort, Maxime Pauty, Jeremy Cadot and Erwann Le Pechoux) 45-36. Final: Italy beats USA 45-34.

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