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Angers: the man in the yellow vest who threatened to fly was accused and locked

FORCENÉ – The 45-year-old man who threatened to explode on Friday (November 23) in Angers if Emmanuel Macron did not receive the yellow vests at the Elysee Palace was charged and detained. He faces up to seven years in prison.

He was threatening to fly if the yellow vests were not received at the Elysee Palace: the man who showed up with an explosive charge on Friday, November 23, in the parking lot of the Espace Anjou shopping center in Angers (Maine and others). Loire), was accused and put in detention, he learned on Monday, November 26, AFP.

The frenzied 45 years finally gave up around 10:30 pm, after six hours of negotiations with the police and the prefect. He is a "particularly dangerous" individual, said prosecutor Angers Yves Gambert. He had an explosive charge around his neck, triggered by an electric firing device, "enough to kill him safely and perhaps to

cause the death of loved ones or significant injuries and mutilations ".

"Refute the desire to hurt or kill others," he said, "I went to kill myself for this cause," said the magistrate, who described "moments of extreme tension" on Friday night when Frozen disconnected his machine several times during the negotiations with the police.

"It seems he left home in the morning with the intention of not going home at night," Gambert said, referring to a "suicidal approach." The magistrate described a man "very isolated", "close to marginality", "who has not worked since 2015" and lost both parents recently.

By saying at the same time "Zadiste sympathizer" and admirer of the military, the man of forty years does not present a psychiatric pathology but "seems depressed", according to Mr. Gambert. During the negotiations, he had repeatedly shown a tricolor flag and a red paratrooper beret, a reminder of his military service.

While searching for his apartment in Rablay-sur-Layon, 25 km south of Angers, police found dozens of tear gas grenades, most of them used. "He found them in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, where he went to join the Zadistas in April-May" during the evacuations of the ZAD, he told the prosecutor.

The intelligence services did not mention the madman as belonging to a violent subversive movement. As a cannabis user, he had a history of narcotics and was not registered in his criminal record.

In charge of carrying and possessing explosive products or devices and a threat of crime against persons with an order to fulfill a condition, he incurs seven years of imprisonment.

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