Tuesday , June 22 2021

a magnetizer sentenced to 7 years closes for the rapes of 12 patients

A 53-year-old magnetizer was sentenced to 7 years in prison and permanently banned from practicing a nursing profession on Wednesday by the Assize Court of Doubs, which found him guilty of rape and badual badault. 12 patients in digitotherapy sessions between 2005 and 2014.

The man, a famous therapist installed in Dammartin-les-Templiers, in the Doubs, was found guilty after the trial which opened on Monday , raping four women and badually badaulting eight others, ranging in age from 20 to 60 years. "This man was able to give free rein to his impulses by taking advantage of the hold he had over his clients.It was his situation as a therapist that allowed him to act" with people "vulnerable and paralyzed ", said the Advocate General, Christian Molé, before requesting 8 years of imprisonment.

Grievous and obscene. Palpations of the bads and the bad of her patients, rubbing her erect penis against their bad, all embellished with gritty and obscene words: the accused admitted at the hearing to have an attitude and gestures "unsuitable" and "without therapeutic reason" during his sessions of magnetism and digitotherapy. On the other hand, the man who appeared detained denied before the jury that he had raped four complainants who accused him of digital penetrations, facts that he had recognized in police custody. "These women did not know each other and all told the same thing," said Nicole Rigoulot, whose client, like the other victims, "carries in her the suffering of this rape and feels like a crushed fly"

"Rewriting History" The defendant's lawyer, Catherine Bresson, fought to show that he did not have the "intention" to attack them and that "the human spirit has a certain capacity to rewrite history". According to her, these fragile women, already "badually badaulted or raped in their youth", have a "difficult relationship with their bodies". They "really felt badually badaulted and raped," "suffered unexpected acts, but the feeling does not constitute badual badault," she insisted.

An "authoritarian" man, " perverse "and" without affect ". "Other women interviewed by the investigators – about 660 – have undergone similar manipulations, without feeling badaulted," argued Bresson. For these women, "suffering, and faced with the failure of traditional medicine", it was their "ultimate recourse" and they found themselves "at the mercy of this authoritarian, perverse and unaffected individual", argued the advocates of the civil parties.

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