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a breeder who supplies the Elysee puts on a yellow vest to challenge Emmanuel Macron

In a video posted on Facebook, Alois Gury, a young poultry farmer in Ain, put on a yellow vest to alert the head of state about the financial difficulties of the profession.

The poultry of Bresse d'Aloïs. Gury, 33, was served on November 11 during the commemoration of the armistice, at the table of heads of state received at the Elysee. In this period of dispute over purchasing power, the breeder of Ain, dressed in a yellow vest, remembers Emmanuel Macron. In a video posted on Facebook on November 24 and already seen more than 100,000 times three days later, he asks to be alarmed by the precariousness of farmers.

In his chicken coop, in Montrevel-en-Bresse, a sticker "Bresse France" stuck on his yellow vest, Alois Gury recorded his video. "Mr. Macron, you do not deserve to eat my birds, you do not know anything about agriculture, you do not know the work behind this.he says Do something, normally live. " For eight minutes, the farmer gives testimony of his situation, often with tears in his eyes, explaining his delayed bills, his seven days of vacation in three years and the purchases his mother makes once a week.

"700 euros a month for 80 hours a week, is not rewardedHe confesses to justify this cry of alarm. We have subsidies, we have assistants, but that is not enough. " The young breeder would like "a certain minimum income". "I am a yellow jacket, gasoline affects us immediately, the fuel increases, the demonstrations are a bit too close to the French people in general.", he says, waiting for a reaction from Emmanuel Macron to his video.

Meanwhile, it has the holiday season, the most important period to sell your Bresse poultry, to fill the boxes a little.

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