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"10 years of challenge": when a Facebook phenomenon betrays you


It is ubiquitous in social networks in recent days, the "challenge of 10 years" is the joy of the developers of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Very popular this week, the challenge is to post a recent selfie with a photo from ten years ago. While many have been willing to bet, this is not without consequences. That's what American author Kate O'Neill points out in a
Tribune wired. According to the latter, this new phenomenon offers new data about users that could represent a great help for developers.

According to the American, two uses that could be made of these "before / after" photos can be problematic. First, advertisers will be able to use this information to target users in their marketing campaigns. Therefore, if you weighed a few kilos during these years, you could be subject to many ads for slimming products. But more importantly, this retrospective could be harmful to you, since insurance companies could use this data to establish a new health index, based on the last ten years.

If Kate O & Neil warns against the excesses of this new challenge, she especially sees the opportunity to educate users about the use made of the data they choose to deliver on the Web. Everything that is shared on social networks is far from private. To a good listener …

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