Fox – ‘The Masked Singer’ on Deadline is a winner in season C finale

The final of the feud season of The Mask Singer was a big surprise. Well, honestly, every episode has a big surprise. But tonight was an extra-special big surprise, as the winner of the show’s fourth season was revealed.

For Bin Bulaan, the show is a top-secret singing competition. Hosted by Nick Kennan, and celebrities such as panelists Ken Jeonong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Schrezinger, and Robin Thicke, “The Mask Singer” was seen slicing from head to toe in an elaborate costume against each other.

Hosts, panelists, spectators, spectators and even other contestants are left to guess which mask the singer is behind. Every week, a singer is eliminated – and then revealed his true identity.

Tonight’s winner won the prestigious Golden Mask Trophy.

*** SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen EPISODE, do not read this line

The big winner of season four was “Sun” aka Grammy Award winner and multi-platinum recording artist LeAnn Rimes.

The runners-up were “mushroom” singer-songwriter Aloe Block, while “Crocodile” is composer Nick Carter.

The series premiered for an offshoot, “The Masked Dancer” arrives on Fox on Sunday 27 December at 8 pm ET / PT.

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