Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Climate Change ‘Systemic Racism in the Sky’

In a segment on the West Coast wildfires, Fox News host Tucker Carlson tried to make the shocking argument that Democratic leaders’ warnings about climate change are “like systematic racism in the sky.”

He furthers the bizarre metaphor, stating that there was no explanation as to how climate change causes more wildfires (there is!) And mocking Democrats for not explaining science: “You Can’t see it, but rest assured, it’s everywhere; And it is fatal. Like systemic racism, it is your fault. The American middle class did. They caused climate change. They ate a lot of hamburgers. He drove several SUVs. They had many children. ”

Carlson’s show is part of the primetime Fox News lineup, the most watched television in the US with 3.5 million viewers per night on average with Laura Ingrahm and Sean Hannity, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Scientists believe the rising average temperature brought about by human activity is causing more fires along the West Coast. Climate change, particularly drought spanning several years, has accelerated the rate at which wildfires appear and intensify them, according to a joint report released earlier this year by scientists at Columbia University, the University of Colorado and the University of Idaho .

Blasts in Washington, Oregon and California have collectively already burned more than four million — three million in California and one million in Oregon — the most in any recorded fire season in any state. Experts say the West’s annual wrestling match with wildfires is just beginning. California government Gavin Newsom has warned residents that the conflict is at its peak, and Oregon Governor Kate Brown told The Oregonian that “wildfires could cause the greatest loss of human life and property in our state’s history.” is.” More than 100,000 people have already been evacuated from their homes in Oregon and at least five have died. A fire in California has killed 20 people.

Speaking before an image of Newsom, Carlson denied climate change as a matter of political power and money rather than science.

“What is climate change?” A climate change denier is someone who thinks that the ruling class has done a very poor job of running their state, running their country, or protecting the people they hired to protect and see Gone, ”he said.

“So are we in denial of climate change if we point out that the state of California has failed to implement meaningful deforestation, which may have dramatically slowed the spread of these wildlife?” Does this discredit us? ”

Carlson would misinterpret forest management in the same way that President Donald Trump does. Both have blamed a Democratic governor-run state for inadequate forest management, but the California government manages less than 3 percent of the state’s forest land. The federal government, by contrast, oversees more than half of all of California’s forests. Despite the imbalance, Trump has threatened to withhold disaster funding from California by fire.