‘Fox News Sunday’ host Chris Wallace grills Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes on Kamala Harris birithism

Criticism is back, this time aimed at Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. And those accused of speaking for President Donald Trump on cable news are having a lot of trouble defending their inability to outright condemn racist attacks on their opponent.

This was the first question Fox news sunday Host Chris Wallace had a Trump campaign senior adviser for Steve Cortes. “Does Trump campaign, does President Trump accept that Kamala Harris is eligible to become the next Vice President of the United States?” He asked.

“Yes, he made it very clear at his press conference yesterday,” Cortes replied. “They said this is not an issue we are going to pursue.” Chief of Staff Mark Meadows used exactly the same language in his interview with CNN’s Jake Topper on Sunday, stating: “This is not something we are going to chase.”

Noting that Trump did not make the claim, “Wallace said,” I am asking about this because he was once again given the opportunity to refute the false claim because his parents were immigrants, that he would run Not eligible even though she was born in the state of California. “


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