Fox News Praises ‘Quite Effective’ Biden Speech as Trouble for Trump | News of america –

Fox News Praises ‘Quite Effective’ Biden Speech as Trouble for Trump | News of america

On the final day of the Democratic convention, Joe Biden hit a home run with a “very effective” speech that blew up Donald Trump’s “one big hole” that saw him mentally strangling the leftists of his party. As in efforts to portray. Wing.

And it was to listen to Fox News hosts Dana Perino and Chris Wallace.

“It was a very good speech,” said Carl Rowe, a Republican strategist respected and revised on both sides of the Isle.

Democratic expectations were riding high that on Thursday night when Biden arose to accept the presidential nomination, he made such a speech to voters, shaking their heads, and telling cable pundits about the “momentum”. gave.

Broadcasting to millions, Biden’s speech marked the first truly national moment of the 2020 campaign, with the formal conclusion of the Democratic primary on one hand, and the first clear picture of the president’s performance – Biden v Trump, Uncle Joe Maga Dawn – on another.

At the very least, Democrats hoped, Biden would avoid the kind of verbal slip that the Trump campaign is eagerly using, if ironically given his own candidate’s chas to attack him.

But when Drs. With one hand around Jill Biden speaking to Biden on Thursday in Willington, Delaware, with fireworks in the background and his smile as the country, Democrats were not alone in realizing that their nominees were not merely connected – he Was exactly done.

“I went there with hopes of enough, and he knocked it out of the park,” said longtime Republican strategist Mike Murphy on the tough Trump critic, the overnight podcast hacks on tap. “It was so authentic who Biden is, and … it captured the mood of the country, which is unity, steady, competence, ‘we can rise above it’.”

“I felt that was the moment of Biden’s life, and he should feel great about that.”

Trump tried to stop the big city of Biden campaign outside the home town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, that afternoon. After a speech on the runway, the President visited the Pizza Parlor, where he was filmed All of them, wearing staff masks, posed and waved enthusiastically as staff members, flaunting a pie, without a face mask.

“They supposedly have the best pizza,” Trump told reporters. “We’ll let you know in about half an hour.”

Donald Trump supporters await his arrival in Scranton, Joe Biden's home town.

Donald Trump supporters await his arrival in Scranton, Joe Biden’s home town. Photo: Chris Tait / Rex / Shutterstock

Biden’s moment needs to be dipped in the bud on Friday morning, after the Trump campaign deployed Vice President Mike Pence to a five-morning show where he argued that Biden, a known volume in Washington for over 50 years, was a secret socialist.

Pence told Fox News, “It’s a choice between President Trump’s record and an agenda of freedom and opportunity, a Democrat agenda driven by radical leftists and Joe Biden’s approach that would lead to socialism and a decline in America.”

In response to Biden’s criticism of Trump’s handling of the coronovirus, Pence demonstrated the extraordinary ability of both parties to talk to each other.

“The president tells us that the virus is disappearing,” Biden said in his speech. “He keeps waiting for a miracle. Well, I have news for them, no miracles are happening. ”

Pence told CNN: “We think there’s a miracle around the corner.”

The biggest opportunity for Trump and Republicans to draw a contrast with Biden will be through their own convention, which is set to begin on Monday with more personal, physical elements than an all-virtual democratic event.

Controversially, Trump on Thursday planned to accept the nomination on the grounds of the White House, in clear violation of laws that the political campaign should be kept separate from the conduct of the office.

The President and Vice President are exempt from the law, but widespread party participation in such major campaign events is unavoidable. Trump has Most Republican MPs invited (Although not Senator Mitt Romney, who voted for his impeachment and was removed from office) went to the White House lawn to watch his speech. The campaign is planned to set fireworks on the national mall.

Unlike Democrats, Republicans also plan to call person-representatives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Trump had unconfirmed plans to visit 336 delegates on Monday, although the state’s democratic governor has attempted to ensure that Republicans follow public health guidelines.

“We were not going to let the partisan politics of the governor between us and our commitment to North Carolina,” said Republican National Committee President – and Romney’s niece – Rona McDaniel.

That commitment was missed. Trump announced earlier this year that the convention would be moved to Florida, where a Republican governor did not propose coronovirus restrictions. A large Kovid-19 outbreak in that state returned the incident to Charlett.

With the force of his speech on Thursday night, 77-year-old Biden was seen clearly denying Trump’s allegations that he had lost a step. But Biden’s rebuttal of Trump’s other attack – that the former vice-president and six-term senator is a Trojan horse for the field of “socialism” – was clear.

“While I would be a Democratic candidate, I would be an American president,” Biden said. “I will work hard for those who did not support me, as I did. It is the work of the President. To represent all of us, not just our base or our party. ”

Biden won some converts. “One that congratulates critics,” The Druidge Report is usually a clearinghouse for the most astute conservative message, emitted on Friday morning.

Its banner TitleThe “Biden Barn Burner”.


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