Fox News host Sandra Smith grills Kayle McNee at Trump’s disastrous ABC Town Hall

Thanks for the great reviews of “ @ABC Show the news last night! “President Trump Tweeted The morning following a town-hall incident with George Stephanopoulos, which Laura Ingraham described as “ambush”.

Fox News’ day host Sandra Smith had a different feeling when speaking with White House press secretary Kayle McNee on Wednesday and repeatedly grilled him over various instances during which Trump was hurt in his own case Was sounding – despite that you may have heard it. Anger Author Bob Woodward- He is indeed “up-playing” the coronovirus epidemic.

Anchor began with Trump’s claim that the “herd mentality” would “disappear” the virus, even without a vaccine. “Is the President going on his own with these forecasts or is the medical expert advising him to agree with those forecasts?” Smith asked.

Cleverly ignoring the president’s apparent mistake, McNee told Smith, “Well, the term immunity is a medical term, meaning that when you have a certain percentage of the population with antibodies, you have the herd. Immunity occurs. And it can be done through a vaccine or through prior disease, that you develop antibodies. “He repeated,” It’s a medical term. ”