Fox News gets ready for dump Trump –

Fox News gets ready for dump Trump

FOr Fox News, it would be hard to break up with Donald Trump.

Their sometimes stormy (not Danielle) marriage began nine years ago, when the founding president of the right-leaning cable channel, the late Roger Isles, gave Trump a weekly segment on the popular Morning Show Fox and friend, Thus beginning the reality television star’s improbable journey to the White House.

However, since Tuesday night — when the division desk of top-rated outlets, alone among the nation’s major cable and broadcast networks, Trump and millions of viewers called for Arizona’s 11 electoral votes for Joe Biden-Fox News, he forked. Have become. , A painful and public process of separation from the 45th President of the United States.

Joe is not mistaken for this difficult transition as Biden’s love hug.

“Hosts will shout ‘socialism,’ tell their minority audiences that Biden’s policies are bad for them, and they will advance the narrative that it should scare Kamala Harris viewers, because she is the real president behind the curtain, according to her narrative, “A longtime Fox News employee said that one in four spoke to the Daily Beast on the condition of anonymity to protect their jobs. “I believe it will be a resistance network if Biden wins, because being in the opposition is good for business.”

Another employee predicted that in the event of a Biden presidency, Fox News’ programming would be “a black hole where news dies and conspiracy theories and opinions reign supreme.” (Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo has already sunk into these deep and turbulent waters.) The Fox employee said: “They will highlight any issues that the economy has and blame it on Biden. Biden Look. Every news can be ‘spun’ to make it worse. Trump and his cabinet are likely to hold the ‘contributor’ title by the time Biden takes the oath.

A third Fox News staffer said: “Many of Fox’s viewers have been Trump supporters, and especially in the first months of the potential Biden administration, I believe they will carry forward the same narrative that they pushed throughout the election period Have given. For years, programming was etched on Clinton’s emails, and I think the Hunter Biden debacle would be the same. “

While Fox’s ratings have barely hit since the infamous Arizona call – quite the opposite: Fox News’ Election Night programming attracted more than 14 million viewers, beating every other broadcast and cable network by a huge margin – network executives The spectacle of hundreds of Trump supporters couldn’t be happier (in other words, the channel’s target audience) “Fox News Sucks!” On live television, as he did on Wednesday night during a protest in the parking lot of Arizona’s Maricopa County Election Department, where a plethora of votes were taking place.

“Fox is like a network suicide,” said Newsmex chief executive and majority owner Christopher Rudy. “A Fox News viewer sees continued negative coverage about the president, worries about alleged ‘suckers and losers’ comment, the disgusting way Chris Wallace handled that debate, and all Fox News surveys – which Were on the high end of being wrong against Trump. When you sum it up perfectly, it presents a really bad picture. “

Rudy, the president’s friend and member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, said: “Fox didn’t like Trump, they wanted to get him. I talked to the president yesterday, and he has an opinion. He Thinks they were definitely out to get him and he is very upset … He definitely has Irish Alzheimer’s. He forgets everything except the buglers. He definitely remembers all the problems. It By no means will it be good for Fox because Trump, even if he loses, is going to be a force in the media. “

Rudy said Newsmax is in a position to cash in on Trump and his outrage at Fox News.

“Newsmax is the only television network capable of competing with Fox,” Rudy said, claiming about 70 million American households on cable and streaming systems such as YouTube and Roku. He said Election Night Nielsen showed that Newsmax reached about 3 million viewers – typically a small fraction of Fox News reaching 40 million. “Newsmax generally supports the president. I don’t agree with everything, but we are very fair.

Fox News executes, meanwhile, the director of the channel’s longtime decision desk, Aron Mishkin, could not welcome the Trump campaign smear Thursday, defending his team’s controversial initial launch for Bayer’s victory in Arizona To often appears on the network (giving Barack Obama) the Vice President, by Fox News’s count, 264 electoral college votes – 6 fewer than the presidency – for Trump’s 214).

Trump campaign officials complained of a long attack on Mishkin and his motives, “The Democrat operative kept his finger on the scale and declared Joe Biden the winner before counting the votes.” “Even left-leaning election analysts like Nat Silver have criticized the verdict, but Miskin still stands by his terrible decision. [sic] And refusing to withdraw his inappropriate call. Why did Mishkin put his finger on Joe Biden before counting so many votes? Mishkin is a registered Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, worked as a Democrat political adviser, and has a long record of donating to Democrats, including the 2008 Obama-Biden campaign. “

Fox News declined to comment on Trumpian broadside, though Miskin addressed it on air Thursday night. “Essentially, everybody in our team is politically very interested, and that’s why they all vote. I do not specifically ask them how they vote. I know that many of them have professional experience that is Republican, others of them have professional experience that is Democratic, ”he told anchors Brett Bair and Martha McCallum. “The Trump campaign is right that my professional experience includes political consulting for Democrats when I worked in political consulting. I have given a total of… 800 dollars in the last 12 years. Five hundred of that went to a classmate of mine, a Congressman, a Republican Congressman, and a friend of another $ 300 classmate, who is a Democrat. So $ 500 to Republicans, $ 500 to Democrats. Before I would head the decision team here, I would get some more money back.

Mishkin has been transparent that he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 – a fact that did not stop him from calling elections for Trump this year. Since he joined Fox News in 2008 as an advisor, a non-employee status he holds, his political donations (according to to a Republican House nominee for $ 500 and a Democratic House nominee Was given $ 250.

“Some elements of coverage have been good,” said a long-time employee of Fox News, such as explaining his Arizona race call to members of the judging desk on air. “” Others, not so much. Opinion hosts like Lora Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, who have a role in America’s bifurcation, should not be part of the coverage to promote division in an already divisive election. Trump administration on voter fraud Is harming, and sometimes Fox will parrot what the administration says. It is not useful to anyone. “

Occasionally, however, Fox News’ on-air celebrities have challenged the Trump campaign as well as claims of voter fraud Fox and friend Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi hosted Steve Diocey’s skeptical grilling on Thursday – another precursor to the network’s possibly imminent breakup with Trump.

What’s more, another duchy in Rupert Murdoch’s media empire New york post, Seemed ready to file for divorce from Trump with Thursday night’s story “panicked Donald Trump Jr.” for his “fidgeting” tweet asking Dad to “have a total war on elections”. And on Thursday night, the newspaper’s headline of the president’s gambling, conspiratorial speech made headlines: “Downcast Trump claims baseless electoral fraud at White House address.”

Meanwhile, if Trump fails to win a second term, he and his supporters — Rudy Giuliani, Corey Lewandowski, Don Jr., and the rest — are likely to swallow their temper, a different employee said.

“Trump people will keep coming – until the president starts his network.”

Justine bargona Contributed to reporting. Diana Falzone Was an on-camera reporter for Fox News from 2012 to 2018. In May 2017, she filed a gender discrimination and disability lawsuit against the network and left the company in March 2018.


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