Fox News anchor Sandra Smith was forced to quickly interrupt when Trump Spox continues with Bizarro Biden Rant

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith quickly stepped in and interrupted Trump campaign spokeswoman Hogan Gidley on Thursday as she entered an absolutely derailed tangent over former Vice President Joe Biden and what the alleged Democratic presidential candidate will say in a debate.

In recent days, Republicans and conservative pundits have suggested that Biden is trying to bypass presidential debates, largely focusing on a New York Times Opinion column that urged the former veep to make a couple of demands before debating with President Donald Trump.

Interviewing Gidley Thursday morning Press room of AmericaSmith pulled out the Times while noting that veteran Democratic strategist James Carville “flipped the script” and claimed it was Trump who would not show up.

Meanwhile, Gidley knocked out the performances of Biden’s Democratic primary debate, claiming that the former veep came in last place in the debate polls and was only saved by his overwhelming victory in the South Carolina primaries.

Trump’s failure then made a strange turn in an attempt to argue that Biden would falter in a debate with Trump.

“When you are in a discussion stage, you cannot communicate as you have done so many times before and say ‘Please, please bring me my documents, I need to read the fact sheet that my staff has given me,'” he growled. ” You’re going to hear some interesting comments from Biden. “

“About how kids love the hair on their legs and how they persuaded kids on their porch with ice cream during quarantine,” Gidley added, prompting Smith to exclaim, “Whoa!”

Continuing down that rabbit hole, Gidley claimed that Biden “doesn’t know the dates of September 11” before Smith finally interrupted him.

Wait, Hogan. We are talking about whether or not the president wants to debate Joe Biden, and whether or not within the Joe Biden camp they urge him to debate Donald Trump, “he said. “Who benefits most from a debate?”

Trump’s spokesman finally refocused, saying he believes Trump “obviously” would benefit from the debates because Biden is “waging a war on the American way of life.”

As for Gidley’s not-so-subtle hints about Biden and the kids, he’s twisting a couple of comments that Biden has made in the recent past to suggest something much more sinister. In a 2017 summer speech, she mentioned her curly blonde hair as she spoke of her experience as a white lifeguard in a swimming pool in a predominantly black neighborhood.

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Biden explained how he visited his grandchildren while respecting social estrangement during the pandemic, noting that they would play in the yard while sometimes throwing candy and ice cream at them from a short distance.

Shortly after Gidley’s appearance on Fox News, Biden’s senior campaign adviser, Symone Sanders, called the Trump spokesman’s comments “disgusting” while applauding Smith for “redirecting [these] trash comments. “