‘Fox & Friends’ host: Trump should wear a mask

Doocy’s call, which Trump rated 12 on a loyalty scale of 1 to 10 from Fox News correspondents, came hours after another of the network’s protagonists, Sean Hannity, offered support for the use of masks at their best at night. time schedule.

“I was at the epicenter of this. I went to my supermarket every week. Guess what? They wore masks. No one in my supermarket, thank God, contracted coronavirus, ”Hannity, a close ally of the White House and confidant of the president, said Monday.

“I think they work,” he continued. “And I said, especially if I wear a mask and it opens NFL baseball, concerts, football, I’d rather wear the mask and go to the game to protect grandma, grandpa, mom and dad and watch the ball game ”

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