Fox Business reporter offers personal take on anti-Asian attacks: ‘Someone must defend us’

Fox Business reporter Susan Li detailed her own personal experiences with racism on Friday while responding to the increase in anti-Asian attacks over the past year, arguing that “someone has to defend us.”

Li, who was born in China and raised in Canada from the age of two, told Fox News host Charles Payne during a segment on “Your World,” which has been a “really tough week for the Asian-American community,” following Tuesday’s shooting in Atlanta that killed eight people, including six women of Asian descent .

Li said that while “the motives are still developing,” the facts surrounding the attacks are clear.

“In journalism, we deal with the facts,” he explained. “And it is that six of the eight victims were Asian women.

“It is a fact that anti-Asian violence has increased 150 percent over the past year, according to a California study,” he added, referring to a recent analysis of police data by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino.

Li went on to say, “It is a fact that the Asian community is now afraid after these shootings, regardless of the motive, and that will develop later.”

“It is this latent fear that has been infiltrating the entire community for the past year,” she continued, adding that there have been several cases in which she and her relatives have walked in public and others who pass by “shout ‘virus’ at them. , or some other derogatory terms that I don’t think I want to share on television. “

“It is something that must stop. Someone must defend us, ”Li added. “Hopefully something coming from the White House and also something maybe something from Congress on complaints and more policing would be great.”

The reporter said that while anti-Asian attacks have exploded in the past year, racist sentiments against the Asian community are not new to the United States.

“It’s been there for a long time because even when I grew up as someone in North America, as someone who has been here since I was two years old, you know, you have been insulted on the playground,” Li said. “For some reason, just in the past year, you’ve just heard this replay of things that you thought and hoped were in the past.

“But maybe it’s because of what happened to the economy,” he continued. “People have lost their jobs. Obviously, COVID has been terrible for everyone in the last 12 months. “

Li explained that the Asian-American community now “stands up for ourselves, finally,” adding that “Asians have been called the model minority, so we have kept silent.”

“They have taught us not to cause problems,” he argued. “But I like the fact that it has been galvanized and that we are all coming together and we are all standing as one waiting for a voice to say, please stop.

“We are all in this together,” he concluded. “We are all Americans too, and we all want to be part of this community.”

The attacks in Atlanta have sparked a surge in talks about discrimination against Asians in the country, with the White House and others. arguing that the increase in attacks have been fed by ex President TrumpDonald Trump The Illinois House passes a resolution condemning the state representative. for ‘supporting the insurgents’ Florida Democrats call for redo elections after former state senator allegedly rigged race Biden and Harris discussed voting rights with Stacey Abrams in Atlanta MOREThe rhetoric surrounding COVID-19, which he repeatedly called the “China virus” and the “Wuhan virus.”


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