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Fox and CCTV anchor the "debate" amid the tensions of the commercial war

The propaganda service of the Chinese state CGTN (the international arm of the CCTV station) is looking to unite the US propaganda service of the state of Fox Business (a wing of Fox News) in a live television debate through the Hosts Liu Xin and Trish Regan, after both exchanged Barber about the trade war of their respective stations (and then handles Twitter) this week.

Liu went to Twitter (which is blocked inside China) to politely offer to appear on Regan's show, in a series of tweets that responded to Regan's call for an "HONEST debate."

Regan responded in a more civil tone than some of his previous statements on the subject, to invite Liu to his live show on Wednesday night:

So, err, this should be interesting.

We are not sure there are many points in common here, apart from the two that have equally entrenched nationalist views, but who can say that it will not be a great television show. As for the amount of air that is transmitted within China, we will have to wait and see, but the CCTV social media platforms have not wasted any time promoting the clash or selecting select Twitter comments to undermine their opponent:

cgtn liu xin trish regan fox

Twitter comments translated by the CGTN in a recent blog post

"Words have consequences," says Liu in a video posted on the Weibo account of the CGTN. "Their economic embarrassment reaches millions of Americans in their homes," he adds, referring to Regan's open criticism of China.

Regan, for his part, accused China of "waging an information war against the United States" and wrote on Twitter: "China, you chose the wrong fight!"

We are still waiting for the Rev CD of the red rap crew to enter this one.

The enmity began when Regan was offended for allegedly being labeled "emotional" because of her coverage of the China-US Trade War:

Stay tuned….

Cover photo: CGTN.

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