Four things to see in Steelers-Bengals at & # 39; MNF & # 39; –

Four things to see in Steelers-Bengals at & # 39; MNF & # 39;


Comparatively, this should be a blast.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (9-2) have not lost since week 5. They are taking fourth place in the NFL in pbading, and the seventh in total offense (in terms of yards per game). They maintain an iron grip in the AFC North as we approach the last month of the season.

And, nevertheless, the disturbing nature of the Pittsburgh victories remains. The Steelers needed a field goal to beat a Packers team led by Brett Hundley last week. In early November, Pittsburgh barely beat Detroit and Indianapolis in consecutive games, with a week of rest between them.

There is also the annihilation of Pittsburgh over Tennessee at Thursday Night Football and the 15-point Steelers. beat Cincinnati in Week 7.

Which Steelers team will we see on Monday night? Well, it's December and, despite last week's aerial shootout, a shift towards winter, midwestern football is likely on the cards. Paul Brown Stadium is not exactly a fearsome environment for rival teams, but (even with a minimum of 49 degrees on Monday night) it gets bitter along the Ohio River at this time of year.

Here are four things to keep in mind at week 13 Monday night showdown:

1. Can Pittsburgh put together a game that matches its record? With 9-2, the Steelers are among the prestigious AFC companies, but most of their victories have not been convincing. With weapons like Antonio Brown (which is questionable for Monday night's game), Martavis Bryant, Le & Bell Veteran and emerging JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh is armed to the teeth. The Steelers have a top-10 offense in total yards. And yet, they often play at the level of their competition.

The close calls mentioned above are prime examples of this. Cincinnati is a familiar divisional opponent, which makes this contest a little harder than usual. We're also in the last month of the season: it's time for the Steelers to win some skeptics by proving they are as good as their record means.

2. Last week was a coincidence for Joe Mixon? The rookie runner has been one of the most inefficient runners in the league this season, averaging just 3.2 yards per carry despite showing flashes of potential greatness. Then he played against the Browns, who have a maybe good defense, but they were not good against the Bengals, specifically when Mixon was on the field. The rookie rushed for a 114-yard run and a touchdown on 23 carries, which contributed to one of Cincinnati's best offensive productions of the year in a 30-16 victory over the Browns with no wins.

Can you do it again? against a much better opponent? Statistically, Pittsburgh is just one place ahead of Cleveland in rushing yards per game, but it poses a much greater challenge for Mixon and the Bengals. The success (or failure) of Mixon, Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill will go a long way in determining how close this competition will end up.

3. Speaking of Mixon … Le & # 39; Veon Bell could have something to tell the rookie runner. At the end of October, Bell found himself in front of a TV watching Bengals de Mixon fighting the Colts when he decided to turn his fingers into Twitter fingers:

for someone who feels they can do "more" than me, sure it seems you want To be me! trying to imitate my career style, my first down celebration

â € "
Le & # 39; Veon Bell (@ L_Bell26)
October 29, 2017

now you wear a sleeve for the arm on your left arm And did you also wear the mismatch gloves ?! No, just change your number from 28 to 26 while you're at it.

â € "
Le & # 39; Veon Bell (@ L_Bell26)
October 29, 2017

Mixon had publicly complained about his lack of carries after the two teams met in Week 7, a game in which Bell ran for 134 yards on 35 carries, while Mixon finished with 48 yards in just seven totes, triggering Bell's captions, shooting the interwebs while Bell expected to face the Detroit Lions at Sunday Night Football .

For the record: Bell leads the league in trouble, even after the rest of the NFL has already played Week 13. Bell is also second in the league in attempts per game with 22.9. Expect another big dose of Bell against the 29th NFL road defense.

4. Will the ghost of the road get Roethlisberger? Big Ben has largely escaped this long-lasting demon this season, but throughout his career, he is much better at home than on the road, has similar pbad percentages and completion percentages, but goes 59-40 and registers a TD of 136-93 – Ratio of INT. Those are still solid numbers, but pale compared to his record of 74-23 at home and a 185-79 ratio in those games. Without going too far into the value of QB Winz, the Pittsburgh offense is simply better at home, and it has been during much of Roethlisberger's career.

Monday night's game is not in Pennsylvania. Against Cincinnati's fifth pbading defense, maybe Pittsburgh would be better served to run the ball over. On the other hand, a complete ending for Brown on a route he probably executed while toasting Adam Jones could erase all this. That's why they play the games and why we see them.

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