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Four police officers shot in York County

A domestic call that turned into a manhunt caused four law enforcement officers to be shot overnight in York County, just south of Charlotte.

Among the wounded were three deputies from York County and a York policeman. They were shot in two different places during the hunt.

Conditions for the wounded were not released early Tuesday, but York County Sheriff's Office spokesman Trent Farris hinted that the injuries were severe when he said the department "needed" prayers for the injuries. wounded.

The suspect in the shooting is Christian Thomas McCall, 47, and he himself was shot during the chase. He is in custody and his condition was not released early Tuesday.

York is the county seat of York and is about 35 miles south of Charlotte.

Farris said the shooting occurred as a result of a household call to a home at 3042 Farrier Lane, outside the city of York, at 1010 p.m. Monday.

The deputies arrived to discover that McCall had fled the scene. A search began with the help of dogs, he said.

The first officers to be shot were with the K-9 team, shortly after 1 a. That officer was taken by vehicle to the Carolinas Medical Center for treatment, Farris said. 19659002] McCall's search then expanded to include other agencies and that's when three additional officers were killed, Farris said. That happened not far from the house in Farrier Lane, around 3:30 am

Two of the officers were taken to the Carolinas Medical Center by helicopter and the third was transported by vehicle, authorities said.

A reverse 911 call was issued, warning area residents to remain in their homes, authorities said.

Subsequently, McCall was shot in the process of being arrested. He is suspect in the case of domestic violence, the media reports.

The York City police officer who was shot was part of the SWAT team investigating the case.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department assisted in the case, lending its helicopter for the search, officials said.

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