Founder of ‘Breakup Recovery’ program praises Ant Anstead for ‘grace’ after divorce from Christina Anstead

Inside the breakup recovery course that Ant Antid is divorcing Christina Anistad. (Photo: Tommaso Boddy / Getty Image)

The man who created the breakup recovery program in Ant Enstead is being praised Car dealers Hosts to deal with her divorce from Christina Anstead with “grace” and “embracing manhood” in the process.

Mark Groves, a “human connection expert” and founder of Create the Love, tells Yahoo Life that he felt the “breakup recovery recipe” course was over a year and a half ago, as he challenged himself after several years of breakup. Even he went back to school to study the science of relationships and became particularly interested in the inherent shame associated with breakups.

“The world is not really receptive to people whose relationships have ended. It is not a pleasure for those who do. It is judge-y to say the least, important, ”he explains. “So at the moment of our breakup, the last thing we need is more shame. And because the society has made it so the relationships are coming to an end are actually failures, I really tried to change that narrative.

When ant and Flip or flop Star Kristina publicly announced her divorce on Instagram in September after less than two years of marriage, with people dishing on Anstead’s post with comments that claimed she was cheating on her wife Thea was “abandoning” their relationship rather than supporting.

In lieu of feeding off those negative comments, Ant signed up for Groves’ program, which the producers say is meant to take a person through “five stages of grief and, at the same time, walk through evolution” has been made. This, Groves says, is what people have to face years before to undergo a fresh change or to turn their pain into a personal change.

“You have the opportunity to see [the pain] Instead of drinking it, pumping it away, you know, distracting yourself, ”Groves explains. “What an opportunity to claim your life.”

The five-week virtual course, which has been set up so that people can take it at their own pace, provides daily programming that allows participants to provide just one kind of introspection therapy that addresses the reality of that relationship Finished, the desired ideal and the experience of “perfect treatment” rather than “ideal treatment”. And although it is likely that the end-goal is to forget about an ex or feel ready to move on to another relationship, Groves says it is more personal than that.

“The goal is to take power and be empowered by how you live your life and what relationships are for you,” he says. “This will be the moment that will change your life.”

Just 30 days into the program, Ant wrote on Instagram on Sunday that “it’s been a lifeline for me” to encourage others who need about a $ 200 course to sign-up themselves. While this is a great promotion for Groves’ program, the expert is most excited by Ant’s openness when it comes to these difficult feelings.

He said, “He is accepting that manhood is really gentle. And it is. He is a man who works on cars and does all these things, but here he is like, ‘I Working on myself, “says Groves.” Isn’t a great leader, a great example for us and your manhood not tied to your sentimentality. ”

According to Christina’s Instagram account, the 1-year-old mother-in-law, who entered with Hudson Ansted, is also taking time to “find peace”.

Although Groves has not acknowledged that he knows Christina’s healing process, he talks about the ant’s continued journey. “One thing that I know is true about him is that he is continuing to use this opportunity to become a better human being,” says Grooves Ant. “You can tell he is a caring father and I know he was a caring husband. He is such a good person.”

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