Forty medical marijuana businesses are closed by Michigan officials

Michigan state police and state officials visited forty medical marijuana businesses throughout Michigan on Thursday and ordered them to cease operations. It is reported that these visits are just the beginning and many more are expected to close their operations. All medical marijuana businesses that are operating illegally without submitting license applications to the state will abstain from functioning.

Department spokesman David Harns said that any business that did not apply for a license for 15 th February does not comply with the emergency rules that were established. He added that initially they made forty visits throughout the state and that there would be hundreds more.

Although the spokesperson did not mention what type of businesses faced the cease and desist letters or how they were identified by the state, however, most of the dispensaries that operated outside Michigan's laws on medical marijuana fell within the category.

The cessation letter said that the emergency rules "allow an applicant for a state operating license to temporarily operate a proposed marijuana facility under certain conditions." It further reads that "To comply with this rule, an installation that operates temporarily must have requested a state operating license before 15 th February "and that a person who does not comply with the rule should cease and desist from operating a proposed marijuana facility. The letter adds that if the business owner does not close, he would risk not obtaining a license from the state and that could result in a "derivation to the application of local, state or federal law and other sanctions." or sanctions as provided in MMFLA and Emergency Rules. "

As Harns said, when the Michigan State Police visited the marijuana companies, they only delivered the cease and desist letter and did not confiscate any product.

The Michigan voters approved a medical marijuana law in 2008 that allows caregivers to grow up to 12 plants for each of the five patients who received medical marijuana cards More than 277,000 people own medical marijuana cards in the state.

Licenses have five categories that include: processors, producers, testing facilities, dispensaries, and safe carriers, so far 378 applications have been entered to prequalify to obtain a license.

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