Fortnite Week 7: Hidden Gnome Guide, Retail Row Treasure Map Challenge Guide

A new set of challenges Fortnite means a new batch of optional targets to complete in Battle Royale, as long as you own the Battle Pbad. The challenges of Week 7 include two in particular that will require some work on your part or a guide for specific locations, which is where we enter.

The first of these more complicated challenges asks you to follow the treasure map found on Retail Row something that is labeled a "difficult" target (which means you get 10 battle stars to complete it). This works identically to other treasure map challenges: look for a random map located in the indicated area, and direct it to another location on the map, where you have to pick up an item. However, if you know where to go, you can skip the treasure map and go directly to the treasure location.

For week 7, that means going to Wailing Woods . If you look at the map, you will see a less populated part of trees, which houses a labyrinth of hedges. Navigate to the southwest corner, and you will find the treasure hidden in a dead end street. Approach and accept it (holding the same button or the key you would use to open a chest), and the challenge will be completed.

More time is the challenge that demands to look for the Hidden Gnome in different named places . You will have to look for a total of seven of these gnomes, although fortunately you do not have to do all this in one game. There are more than seven gnomes on the map, so you do not necessarily have to go to specific places to do it. Wherever you see a name on the map – Retail Row, Loot Lake, Tilted Towers, et al – you will find a gnome hidden inside a building.

As with the treasure, you will have to hold a button or key (again, just like opening a chest) to "find" a gnome once you find one. In some cases, such as the one in Junk Junction you may have to destroy some of the surrounding objects in order to access them easily. Others can be searched without seeing it physically, as is the case of one who hides in a bathroom stall at Greasy Grove . We've put together the map below and verified it with locations discovered by the Reddit thesquatingdog user to help him identify the locations where a gnome can be found.

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See our complete guide for the rest of the challenges of Week 7. They mainly deal with doing things in specific places or having access to the right kind of weapons (shotguns and repressed weapons, in the case this week). Nor is it too late to return and complete those of previous weeks; The owners of Battle Pbad have the rest of April to finish all the Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges of season 3. Win the battle stars by completing challenges, and you will level up faster to the battle pbad and earn several rewards.

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