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Epic Games has added new mythic items to the Fortnite Battle Royal in season 4, and one of them is a perfect counter to Shark in-game.

As you know by now, shark fernite can be dangerous in the world. If you are anywhere near the water, even on the ground sometimes, they can see you with those big old teeth.

Hold yourself in their jaws and this game can be over, so knowing what to do when you have to face them. After all, who wants to work their way up the circle to eat the whole game only in the game? Not many players, certainly.

It is indeed possible to ride a shark in Fortnite, but it is a dangerous sport. Credits: Epic Games.

On September 6, Reddit user u / cobragrad17 showed what is the best way to kill them yet, and this is easy to do.

Using just one object, a mystical bomb found in Doom’s domain, you can knock them back into the water and send them on their way.

The myth item is a type in itself, which means that it is not always easy to obtain. There is usually a lot of competition to get it.

To grab one, you need to eliminate Doctor Doom on Doom’s domain, and he is protected by some henchmen. If you’re going for it, be sure to keep an eye out for its reinforcement. Getting out will be a nightmare, especially when you understand that the Doctor has one HP bar compared to a specific enemy.

Grab one and you’re golden for the rest of the game, though. Once you have one, just hit a shark with the ball and it will send them flying as a video show.

No more shark sharks, and hopefully a lot more wins where they don’t cost you.