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Update 2: Fortnite developer Epic Games has revealed an update about 14.30.

In an email sent to fans, Epic has announced plans to launch a new Rally Royale LTM.

Limited-time vehicle-based game modes work with players reaching the finish line at all possible times while collecting tickets.

Elsewhere, Combat Shotguns have been promoted, making them more powerful in all ranges.

According to various Fortnite leaks, Galactus can now be seen on the Challenge Table Map (see below), while various Halloween skins will be released in the coming weeks.

Update: The Fortnite update 14.30 server downtime has started on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android.

Offline server downtime is expected to last a few hours, meaning the game will be online at 11 am.

Original: Fortnite developer Epic Games has released a new update for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.

Fortnite update 14.30 fixes a whole host of issues in Battle Royal, Mobile, Creative and Save the World.

It is also likely to introduce new features to the game, including changes to the map, new bosses, and more. Express Online will have a full list of patch notes when the update goes live.

Unfortunately, however, because this is a numbered update and not just a hotfix, patch 14.30 will coincide with the duration of server downtime.

The Fortnite server will be taken offline for fans in the UK at 9:00 BST. Players are usually unable to attend the game around 30 minutes before downtime, before everyone is kicked out at 9am.

There is no official end time for server maintenance, but it is usually offline for a few hours.

“Head-up, Hero and Villain!” Epic Games tweet reads.

“v14.30 is scheduled for release tomorrow. October 13. Downtime for the patch will begin at 4 pm ET (08:00 UTC).”

Perhaps we are pulling here, but “Heads Up” in the tweet may hint at Galactus’ presence.

The World of the Divorce has been used in marketing material for season 4, so an appearance is unavoidable, it’s just a matter of when.

Marvel observers have already sent Gather drones to Catherine’s Island, while Silver Surfer appeared at the beginning of the season.

If not Galactus, fans can expect another Marvel character to appear as the boss following the likes of Doctor Doom, Iron Man, and Wolverine.

It is safe to assume that the map will be updated with one or two new areas, and we would not be surprised if a new weapon is included in the game.

The Fortnite update 14.30 will add new skins and shop items along with the next wave of challenges in the game.

According to the patch notes below, the adjacent Fortnite update also fixes an audio issue with Last Forever Emote. This map is on top of fixes for marker issues and much more.

Fortnite Update 14.30 Early Patch Notes Complete …

General Top ISSUES:

• Last Forever Emote’s audio is also playing with the licensed audio mute.

– The audio of the last forever emot can play even when the licensed audio is muted in the audio settings.

Battery Royal Top ISSUES:

• placing a map marker cancell movement.

– Opening the map and placing a marker will cancel the held player movements, requiring them to be re-inputted.

Mobile Top ISSUES:

• XP times may be visually incorrect during a match. / Incorrect leveling-up.

– We are aware of an issue that can sometimes occur on mobile which includes XP from the punch card bar which is visually incorrect in a match. This can cause players to level up during the match, even if they don’t actually do so. In these examples, please refer to the XP bar in the lobby for correct performance.

Save the World Top ISSUES:

• There is an incorrect animation of the sword while swinging the swingwater.

– The Diwalkar pickaxe sword is currently using two-handed swing animation.

• Xbox Homeshare players cannot access STW.

– Players who play Save the World via Homeshare may be unable to play Fortnite Save the World.

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