Fortnite Season 4 Is Marvel Comics Cannon And So Much More –

Fortnite Season 4 Is Marvel Comics Cannon And So Much More

This is real.  It happened.  I can't ignore it, and now you have to see it too.

This is real. It happened. I can’t ignore it, and now you have to see it too.
The image: Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata, Richard Starkings and Tyler Smith / Marvel Comics

trying In order to make some sense The continuity of comics needs to offer a small part of your brain at the best of times, killing the gooey smithren in the mortar and pestle of comic book publishing To laugh. But folks, I’m afraid I’m trying to make sense of the latest tango with Marvel’s world Fortnite Have done my whole ass brain instead.

When Fortnite Is not about making weapons Its massive, young fans In Absurd corporateist legal battle, It is about the occasional pan-fictional tie ins to be an equally absurd metaverse. In addition to being the largest video game on the planet, it is played with a host of movies, live concerts and more tie-in skins than yours. Shake Jason Momoa’s moist torso On.

Case in point, the current “season” of content, Nexus war, Is Marvel Comics-themed, bringing the likes of Storm, Thor, Wolverine, She-Hulk, and more into the game as buyer skins.

It won’t be out of the ordinary Fortnite Most of the time — hell, this is the first time he has collaborated with Marvel, seeing Deadpool and X-Force A few months ago. But here’s one thing: Marvel just went and took the events to Fortnite help …Canonical for its ongoing comic book continuity.

“One of the most exciting things about crossover is how it naturally puts one foot in both Fortnite And the Marvel Universe, “Marvel Comics editor Mark Basso said in a statement at the launch of the season.” We had a lot of creative discussions between Marvel and Epic Games where our story could naturally cross, and given that How is it fixed Fortnite The island would be for Galactus, who Donnie Cates was already looking for Thor Chain, set the whole thing in motion. ”

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Illustration: Jim cook

Yes, it actually picks up on a thread by Donnie Cates, Nick Klein, Matthew Wilson and Joe Sabino Thor Is going on recently, Lord of thunder returned Found myself To inform For the Thunder, Galactus became the repository to force a serious treaty – acting as his pawn, screaming for delicious planets Big ol ‘proverbial buffet-lover to eat. Thor only did so because a defeated Galactus came to him with an offer: help him consume five distinct worlds, and the world-eater would have the power to stop a sinister plague called the Black Winter at the end of all things. Which is, you know, very bad.

Galactus made his feast debut in Thor # 4.

Galactus starts their feast Thor # 4.
The image: Nick Klein, Matthew Wilson and Joe Sabino / Marvel Comics

Anyway, while all-you-can-eat trips between them Thor Trying to evacuate the world with # 4-Thor wants Galactus before he can eat them – the pair discovered a strange crack in spacetime that looked like the same crack as the same Fortnite Down (and sent the world crazy For a few days) When it was relaunched as “Chapter 2”. In the new free-to-read tie-in comic Thor: Nexus WarBy Cates, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata, Richard Starking, and Tyler Smith — we get to see the impact of that discovery, as does Galactus, so completely forced by the powerful, infinite energies of the Rift. . voring Fortnite.

Naturally, Thor doesn’t want that, so he flies in, and finds himself … well, inside Fortnite. You have all your favorites The character Pale banana, jonsi, and uh, * fiery googly-like skins Bright … BomberThe Anyway, Thor is shot immediately, as he is in the middle of the game Fortnite, And when he realizes that he is trapped in a realm, an island populated by 99 trigger-happy idiots, Thor manages to get a message on Asgard to Lady Sif, the mighty heroes of Marvel Kay sends in a whole heap to try and help her.

Illustration for an article called Marvel Made iFortnite / i Canon and I've lost my whole mind

The image: Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata, Richard Starkings and Tyler Smith / Marvel Comics

So yeah Welcome to Fortnite, Marvel Comics.

Usually, we dismiss it as some kind of horrible brand nonsense that we got, say, DC’s HBO Max Comics, Or that time Marvel wanted Stan Defense Contractor. But by the current Thor For author Donnie Nexus war, And interweaving it with the current narrative Thor The series, Marvel has opened an ark of the covenant that instantly melted my entire face and brain. Why? Because Fortnite Marvel is canon, then, well … everything that’s ever happened In Fortnite Marvel is canon. I am canon. You are canon A legal dispute with one Largest tech companies In Our The world is canon

Part of what makes Fortnite Attractive, even if you are the only audience for your phenom, is Idea of ​​a metering Where all types of pop culture can co-exist is the “last man standing” shoot ’emhem. It was big film and TV show tie-ins, and DJs have staged live music connecting fans all over the world. When things are in FortniteThe pop culture landscape as we know it is a change. And now those shifts are part of the Marvel continuation, in a loose way, of those partitions of the imaginary almanac of our world.

Christopher Nolan is Marvel Canon Because they screened Prestige, Start, And Batman Begins In play. If he doesn’t even make Batman, and therefore DC Comics, Marvel canon (sorry,) The mixture), Then the fact that during the same Fortnite There were also tie-in skins for the season Jason Momoa’s Aquaman And Black Menta did. Which brings continuity to the DC cinematic universe (nee multiverse) in and of itself. is Zack snider cut Of Justice League Now also Marvel canon? Oh God. Oh and so is marvel studioAs the game did for the tie-in event Avengers: Endgame In Fortnite that brought an entire Thanos-starring genre. Oh and Avengers: Endgame on one’s own, Because of the scene where Korg is playing the role of Fortnite. It’s at least a little weird because it’s uh in the family, so to speak.

Illustration for an article called Marvel Made iFortnite / i Canon and I've lost my whole mind

The image: Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata, Richard Starkings and Tyler Smith / Marvel Comics

what does this mean DJ Marshmello Marvel content as much as X-Men. This means that JJ Abrams is a Marvel canon (outside of that spoiled Spider-Man comic he wrote) because He showed To host clips from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Impossible thin by myself Fortnite Avatar. Oh and yes, Star wars-Film franchise and the entire fictional universe, Because said event Actually included messages from Reincarnation king palpeptine referred to in Rise of skywalker“Speak Dead!”

Oh God please help me, my mind, it’s rolling out of my skull.

As you can tell from the inconsistent punches you read, I have thought about this a lot more than I should have. Probably more than anyone in Marvel Comics or Epic Games. Which is for the best, because I am intellectually attractive now and would love to lie down.

for what it’s worth, Thor: Nexus War It also notes that much effort is being made to think of existence FortniteMetering is so cognitively tax-like Making sense of comics yourself! – So Thor and his newly arrived colleagues start losing all memories of why they are there, and suddenly they just Fortnite People build makeshift towers, battle royale-ing, and, possibly, flossing. In 60 years time, Old Man Thor “Verrilli is not going to be like Kamala Khan Jr., Alfadar Dot remembers that time I smash right into my silky banana face, ‘for an Odinson Too weird. “

But just because Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Groot, and many X-Men won’t miss their disgrace any further in the world, what is more strange than Earth-616 is that my mind is permanently at it. Trying to understand is not destroyed.

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