Fortnite players are getting weird again, this time because of The Rock

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Fortnite Fans have been speculating on who voiced the Foundation, a character who appeared in the film and in-game event that started the game season 6. The current theory is that this is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but there are also competing ideas. None of this matters much, but it is Fortnite players who do what they do best: speculate wildly.

Let’s see the facts. On March 16, the day before the launch of season 6, Johnson posted a cryptic video on Instagram talking about the importance of March 16 “in a certain culture” and how “there is a connective tissue between that world and mine.” . The video ends with him saying, “All of this is done to strengthen and evolve and grow the power and strength known as … The Foundation” before raising an eyebrow significantly.

This seems like a pretty clear proof to many Fortnite fans. Others have pointed out that Foundation armor resembles Johnson’s tattoos. Others point out that “rock” and “foundation” have similar meanings. Eurogamer reports that The Foundation’s voice lines are in a folder called “DJ” within the game code. In Reddit, gamers pointed out that Epic creative director Donald Mustard liked Johnson’s Instagram video as further proof of the theory.

However, Johnson is not the only possible voice in the race. Players also have speculated that the Foundation has the voice of Keifer Sutherland or even Donald Mustard, presenting various evidence for and against their preferred candidate. As one gamer on Reddit succinctly sums it up, “This is stupid.”

That is stupid! Who cares who voiced the character and who will be the next celebrity to get sucked into? FortniteCould it be the jaws? But Fortnite has always been excellent as a wild theorizing engine, with players metaphorically setting red strings between each map change and Twitter teaser to speculate what will happen next. As more and more crossovers have invaded the game, I’ve found fans theorizing less fun, relying more on pop culture knowledge than hilarious theories completely unrelated to any reality except the one created by people who have too much time to play . Fortnite. This feels like good old fashioned Fortnite gamer weirdness, the kind I’ve been missing.

My current favorite Fortnite Season 6 theory It’s about a new mask called Raz, which has tattoos that are similar to Kevin The Cube’s runes from past seasons. This fits in with another theory that the spiers from season 6 are in similar locations to the runes Kevin left when he was rolling around the map. It’s the kind of detailed stuff YouTube videos are made for, and I’m here for everything. To hell with the rock. Take back the cube and let the creativity of the players flow.

(The Rock, if you’re reading this, don’t hit me.)


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