Fortnite offers refunds on new skin

Earlier this week, Epic Games released a pair of new Terminator skins Fortnite, And publishers are now offering refunds to those who have purchased the T-800. Official Fortnite The website indicated that the skin was with a built-in Cyberdine Cellute Emote. This is not the case that has prompted some complaints from players. Epic’s official Fortnite Status Twitter account has reported that players will be able to apply for one using the in-game flow. A specific date that players can start receiving is that the refund has not been announced, but it will be available next week.

The tweet of Epic Games can be embedded below.

Cyberdine Cellute Emote means taking out the last moments of the T-800 Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Where the character took a bath of molten steel to ensure its own destruction and protect the future. Announcing the content in the original trailer released by Epic Games was a tribute to that moment, but this time, the T-800 was stopped by Jones, who pulls it into the world Fortnite To help it.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is a topic focused on the biggest predators of multiverse in season 5. The T-800 and Sarah Connor are the latest “hunters” who have spent the day in this season Jirenin (Mandalorian), Kratos (God of war), master Chief (Aura), And hunter. Several rumors have surfaced about the future hunter, including Tom Raider star Lara Croft. Since the beginning of the season last month, Epic Games has been adding new skins constantly, so fans won’t have to wait long to see which character will make the cut next time!

Fortnite Currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can check our previous coverage of the game right here.

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