Fortnite gets Marvel Black Panther statue

Fortnite Developer Epic Games added a new miracle expansion to the island overnight: a Black Panther monument called Prall of the Panther. Marvel and Black Panther fans have started visiting the statue Fortnite Island and tribute to actor Chadwick Boseman according to Eurodemar. Bosman, who acted black Panther, Died last week 43 due to complications from colon cancer.

New marvel crossover Fortnite The season started last week. Fortnite The map is evolving with different points added to the map. You can find the memorial to the left of Misty Meadows.

A Epic Games spokesman confirmed to Kotaku that the memorial was planned in advance. “As with the rest of the world, we were deeply saddened by the death of actor Chadwick Boseman,” the spokesman said. “The Black Panther Monument arrived this morning as part of a previously planned narrative for the new Chapter 2 – Season 4 season.”

Panther’s Prove is the third Marvel update Fortnite A map after the Ant-Man and X-Men references was added in the previous week. Players can expect more of these events to occur as the Marvel legend unfolds and Galactus arrives on the island.

Marvel updates available to everyone Fortnite Players, except for iOS and Mac devices. In August, Apple revoked the developer’s access to Epic Games to the game, as it broke Apple’s payment processing rules. There is a trial going on. Apple users can still play Fortnite, But developers are not able to access new content added on other platforms due to restrictions.