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Fortnite Down for the new update of version 6.31

[Update] Epic has disconnected the Fortnite servers, since it removes the newer patch. You can see everything included in patch 6.31 here. [Original story] The next update of Fortnite will arrive very soon. Epic Games has announced that the v6.31 update will arrive on Tuesday, November 27, and server downtime is expected to begin that day at 2 AM PT / 5 AM ET / 10 AM GMT / 8 PM AEST.

Epic did not provide a complete list of the changes that come with this update, but the wording and capitalization of the developer's statement contain some clues. The mention of "inflate" is probably a reference to Pump Shotgun, which is a legendary weapon in the game. According to FortniteIntel, the update will improve the effectiveness of the shotgun by increasing its damage in the near room, while reducing its range damage.

The news shots of Fortnite in the game that feature variants of Epic and Legendary from Pump Shotgun are available soon, along with new outfits.

Writing on Reddit, Epic said he is also looking to correct an error in which players can continue to walk the battlefield even if they are eliminated. "We will have a solution as soon as we can," said Epic.

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The Fortnite update on Tuesday is the largest since Update 6.30 last week that added a new weapon, the Dynamite stick, along with a limited time mode called Wild West. Another new weapon, the Phantom Gun, was added to Save the World mode.

In other news, Ralph from Disney's Wreck-It Ralph movie series recently appeared on Fortnite as part of an uninvited Easter egg potentially to help promote the new Ralph Breaks movie The Internet.

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