Fortnite: Battle Royale removes another weapon, here’s why

A new update for Fortnite is now available, which means that players can now find new items and content in Battle Royale and Save the World modes. However, there is a particular weapon that will no longer appear in the game, at least for the time being.

Following the Fortnite 3.3 patch, smoke grenades have now been moved to the "Vault", eliminating the object completely from Battle Royale. This does not necessarily mean that smoke grenades do not return to the game, but at the moment, players will no longer be able to find them as loot during a game.

Epic explained that the reason why smoke grenades are being moved to the vault is because the items "just are not used as much as we would like." However, the developer says that he can possibly go back to work and reintroduce the grenades in Battle Royale at some point in the future when he feels they are "ready".

Smoke grenades are the second weapon that will move to the vault so far, after the SMG was removed from Battle Royale last month. "As we add more weapons, consumables and other types of items, we want to make sure that the balance of information is not ruined," Epic said at the time. "Expect more objects to be thrown (and equally vaulted!) In the future, and, of course, the objects will often come out of the vault when the time is right."

While smoke grenades may disappear, a new weapon has taken its place in Battle Royale. After the 3.3 update, players can now find and use remote explosives. As the name suggests, these can be placed on the map and detonated from a distance. The update also introduced Supply Llamas, a new form of loot that can be found hidden in unusual places.

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