Former UFC Fighter Bryan Caraway Charged With Alleged Theft Of Miesha Tate’s ATV

Former UFC fighter Bryan Caraway has been charged with four felonies in a 2018 case involving the alleged theft of an ATV belonging to his ex-girlfriend, former UFC champion Miesha Tate.

Caraway was charged with fraud, attempted robbery in the first degree, filing a false insurance claim and making a false declaration about the title of a vehicle in Benton County, Washington, according to the prosecutor’s indictment document, which was obtained. by ESPN.

The case centers on Caraway allegedly stolen Tate’s ATV, purchased insurance for the vehicle, and then alleged it was stolen three days later, after Tate recalled the ATV. Tate is a former UFC women’s bantamweight champion and one of the best known women to compete in MMA.

Caraway was initially charged on January 12. He did not appear in Benton County Superior Court and an arrest warrant was issued against his arrest on February 4. Wanted list, but it was withdrawn after he contacted the prosecutor’s office.

Caraway’s impeachment hearing is scheduled for March 11.

According to an investigation by the Benton County Insurance Commissioner’s Office, Tate recovered the ATV that Caraway allegedly stole from him on December 18, 2018. On December 21, 2018, Caraway purchased an insurance policy for the vehicle. Three days after purchasing the policy, Caraway filed a claim for the ATV theft.

Caraway, 36, told the insurance company that he bought the ATV, along with helmets, a battery charger and a spare tire, for $ 18,500 when he and Tate were still a couple. He provided a vehicle title showing that Tate gifted him the ATV in January 2018. According to the insurance commissioner’s report, the investigation showed evidence that Caraway allegedly forged the title and the vehicle was not actually stolen but was in possession of its rightful owner. Tate. Caraway withdrew his claim and the insurance company referred the case to the insurance commissioner.

According to the report, Tate told investigators that he informed Caraway in December 2018 that he was going to pick up his ATV. Caraway, Tate said, threatened to file a report that the vehicle was stolen. The report says that Tate told investigators that it discovered that Caraway had allegedly altered and falsified the vehicle’s title, and reported it to the Richland (Washington) Police Department in December 2019.

Caraway was out of the UFC in 2019. She has not fought for the promotion since November 2018. Tate, 34, retired from the UFC in November 2016. She beat Holly Holm to win the UFC women’s bantamweight title in the UFC 196 in March 2016, then lost the belt to Amanda Nunes, who remains the champion, at UFC 200 in July 2016.


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