Former Trump Economic Advisor: ‘I honestly haven’t made up my mind on the 2020 vote.’

Cohan, a registered Democrat, emerged as a trusted aide to the president and was in contention for the success of former Federal Reserve chairman Janet Yellen, a role that eventually went to current Fed chief Jerome Powell in November 2017.

But Cohan faced doubts from more conservative members of the administration, who reprimanded the economic ally’s support for free trade policies and a “globalist” economic outlook.

Cohan, who is Jewish, publicly broke with Trump in August 2017 over the president’s response to a fatal white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Via., And he resigned from the administration in March 2018, with disagreements with Trump’s tariff policies gave.

The former Goldman Sachs executive has offered occasional criticism of the administration since he left government service, but has not issued a full-repatriation of some former high-ranking officials for Trump’s presidency.

Cohan already told CBS News in an interview in January that he hesitated to support Trump’s reelection bid, while he “has no intention of not voting for the president,” leaving the door open ” . “

“I just haven’t voted on the economy,” Cohan said. “I vote on a lot of social issues, as well. So, you know, in many cases, I have to figure out who I am going to vote for before balancing both sides of this equation.

However, Cohan spoke specifically about economic policy and his concerns about the federal deficit as he appeared more open to supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy.

“We have to plan to bring back a normalized fiscal picture when we go back to normal and we will return to a normal economy in the United States,” he said. “And I really want to hear where both candidates are. I don’t mean anything from taxing to spending. We have to come up with a plan to get our financial house back.”

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