Former staff member says that representative John Conyers verbally abused her repeatedly


A high profile Washington lawyer says that the current member with most years of service in Congress verbally abused her repeatedly when she worked for him. Melanie Sloan says she is telling her story about Democratic congressman John Conyers after learning about other staff members who accused him of badual misconduct.

Sloan says that although she was not badually harbaded while working for Conyers, she often criticized and criticized her appearance, reports Nancy Cordes of CBS News. She said that her actions went beyond being simply a tough boss.

"He yelled at me in front of a group of domestic violence advocates," Sloan said.

Sloan worked for Conyers from 1995 to 1998 as a member of the House Judiciary Committee. Sloan said that Conyers was constantly abusive verbally.

"He would yell at me and scream, there was a time when he would yell at me for not wearing socks," he said.

Sloan went on to lead a prominent ethical monitoring group, but not before he tried to talk to his supervisor. Her concerns, she says, were discarded.

"There really was no other place to go at that time and still there is not," Sloan said.

The House Ethics Committee opened an investigation into Conyers this week after it was revealed that it paid a former staff member more than $ 27,000 to resolve a complaint. That staff member said she was fired for refusing Conyers' badual advances.

Kathleen Rice of New York was the first Democratic comrade to call Conyers to resign. Several others said that Conyers should at least resign as the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee.

"Nobody is exempt from bad behavior, I think, given that there is one and now another incident of women coming to say it would not be appropriate for the judicial committee to sit there," said New York Democrat Gregory Meeks on CNN.

A Conyers lawyer told CNN he is taking the allegations "very seriously," but has no plans to resign. Conyers' lawyer told the Washington Post that he did nothing inappropriate with Sloan.

Meanwhile, two more women also showed up on Wednesday claiming that Minnesota Sen. Al Franken threw them during campaign events in 2007 and 2008. One told the Huffington Post that Franken "the he tempted when they posed for a photo "The other said that Franken" cupped his butt with his hand "in a fundraiser. Franken told the Huffington Post that he does not remember those campaign events.

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